That’s not a disorder!

(Please bear in mind, this post was written a couple of months ago. Since then, our sex life has shown some signs of revival, so the statistics are not fresh. I am also re-examining the likelihood that my high sex drive might actually be the biggest part of the problem. That said, I stand by this post. Just don’t take it too seriously.)

Remember Crocodile Dundee, with Paul Hogan and the classic that’s not a knife scene? (If you don’t, refresh your memory – it’s pertinent to this blog entry.) (And please ensure you read the caveat when you get to it.)

Reading through the comments on another post, I was spurred to google female Viagra and found out there is such a product in development, and it’s called Flibanserin. What interested me about what I found in the respective article was a couple of details of the test.

Nearly 2,000 pre-menopausal women aged 18 and above took part in the study after being diagnosed with a condition called “hypoactive sexual desire disorder”, characterised by a very low libido for long periods of time.

Women who took a daily 100mg dose of the drug, called flibanserin, reported having satisfying sex more often than those who took a placebo. Before the trial, subjects reported an average of 2.8 satsifying sexual events per month. Those who took daily flibanserin saw this rise to 4.5 times a month, compared with a rise to 3.7 times a month for those taking placebo.

Having studied a little statistics, my initial thought was that a sample size of 2,000 it is not unreasonable to give some credence to the results. And in my opinion, as limited as it’s value is, we can get a rough idea of what is normal from this sample.

Then I noticed the implied definition of the disorder in question: it seems that a woman having only 2.8 satsifying sexual events per month may have a sufficiently low libido to qualify as having a disorder. This both shocked and depressed me. I need to dig out a copy of The Kinsey Report to find out quite how often most couples fuck each other, but I dream of 2.8 satsifying sexual events per month!

In the 11 months this blog has existed, having my cock in my Wife’s cunt has been sufficiently momentous that I have documented every occurrence. So with just a little research, and even less maths, I learn that my Wife has been having just 0.42 satsifying sexual events per month (assuming She has actually found them satisfying), or 8 times less than can lead to the diagnosis of a disorder. To get to the 4.5 times a month the test subjects experienced would require my Wife to have a 1,071% increase in sexual satisfaction.

All I can say is, 2.8 satsifying sexual events per month? That’s not a disorder!

NB I am no psychiatrist, and I’m pretty much certain nor are the overwhelming majority of you, Dear Readers. So whilst there may be a degree of truth in this, as with many of my posts, my tongue is at least half way into my cheek and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is partially coincidental. Make any public judgements about whether my Wife does or does not suffer from a sexual disorder, and your comments will probably be deleted.

2 Responses to “That’s not a disorder!”

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  2. Confessions of Your Husband's Mistress Says:

    I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

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