And this is what I bought

I’ve done most of my Xmas shopping today. As you know, Dear Reader, last Xmas I bought my Wife some lingerie, and for a couple of weeks we had some of the best sex we’ve ever had. (She attributes this to me seeing one of my teenage pop heroines in a PVC cat suit just before Xmas, but I like to think the lingerie deserves the credit.)

You also know I’ve been considering getting her some more lingerie this year. As I drove to the lingerie shop, it actually went through my head not to bother, but I’d made a resolution.

In the store, I impressed the staff by knowing what size I needed, having a good idea of what I wanted, not shopping drunk on Xmas Eve, not saying she’s this big with out-stretched, cupped hands, and by not asking them to model anything for me. (Apparently some men do actually do this!) I was shown several outfits that matched my brief (no pun intended). There was a suggestion that I might want to consider something really sexy like a basque, and damn right I would, but I’m not sure there’s any point. Unless it is just to make a point.

The final two contenders were both blue and lacy. I was very tempted by one set that was very sexy, almost completely see through, which would definitely have worked for me, but it was so delicate a fabric that it was ony suitable for washing by hand. And on practical grounds, I opted for this …


Obviously I’ve been more conservative than last year – no basque, no suspender belt, so stockings, and no thong – nothing remotely adventurous – there’s no sense throwing good money away – but it’s quite sexy.

I wonder if it will get me laid?

15 Responses to “And this is what I bought”

  1. Hope springs eternal.

  2. I like it. It’s sexy yet wearable…sometimes a hard balance to find. 🙂

  3. I think that is beautiful – and maybe she;ll wear it because it isn’t as provocative as garter belts and all. By the way, it’s ALL hand washable – almost ruined in 2 rounds of washing machine and dryer. None of it is supposed to go in a dryer ever – the tiny elastic threads flip out. I try to be delicate every time but it’s too much maintenance Sometimes, I just wash them and if they get ruined, oh well. I’d rather be a slave to a man instead of a slave to underwear! Ha! I love that blue! Navy is hard to find too! Good job!

  4. If my man purchased that for me, it would definitely get him laid…so I will hope the same for you…

  5. GORGEOUS, AM!!! You did good, honey!! xx Hy

  6. filledandfooled Says:

    Great choice! I hope she realizes what a thoughtful husband she has. I’m a new reader and I already want to shake her and make her understand…sorry.

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