I’ll get paid to see her naked

’tis the season to be jolly. Or as those of us who have a tendency to party are more likely to think, ’tis the season to get drunk and flirt like idiots. And tonight I am quite drunk and I’ve flirted like a pro.

I’ve been out for a drink with folk I occasionally work with. Some of them are glamorous. Cleo is definitely so. And she’s pretty, young, effervescent, and very very sexy.

An hour or so before last orders, I need to go home. I shake hands with those I know least well, hug the guys with whom I am best acquainted, and kiss the girls.

Maybe I’m extrapolating more than I should, but Cleo seems quite keen to kiss. Just on the cheeks, but …

I need to go home. I’m a little drunk, and I know if I stay much longer the taxis will get more expensive and there’s a good chance I will turn into a drunken arsehole.

Cleo notices I’m heading for the door.
She asks which way I’m heading.
It turns out we’re going to the same station.

Jimmy asks if I want another drink.
This is networking. I want to go home, but I can’t really say no. So we get another couple of shots.
Cleo doesn’t leave, and is enveloped into another conversation.

I should probably point out that I have agreed to take on a job where I will get to see Cleo naked. I’ll get to see her naked a lot. I’ll have to look at her image, full frontal, and possibly more, for several weeks. The client is drinking with us and, to use his words, (in front of Cleo) I’ll get to see her hairy minge. (There’s a 1970s theme to the job, so all pubes will be au naturel.) Cleo won’t be alone either – she’ll be (fake) fucking Roy and Danny. She said she felt Roy’s semi bumping against her inner thigh during the shoot.

And we chat about other things too. About work, and Xmas, and accountants, and art. The subject of Roy’s cock rears it’s helmet on several other occasions. And the client keeps mentioning I’ll get to see Cleo naked – he won’t be able to pay me full rates, we both know this, and the sight of Cleo’s tits and hairy minge is meant to be an incentive. I’d do the job anyway. But you know, Dear Reader, I’ll be very happy to watch her getting fucked over and over and over. No doubt I’ll toss myself off whilst I’m working on the project too. Several times.

Eventually I decide it really is long over due that I left. When networking, always leave the party before you’re as drunk as everyone else, as I was once told by an old timer, and I’m pushing the envelope here. I need to go home. I make my excuses, kiss and hug all over again. Wish everyone a merry Xmas, and Cleo asks if I’m leaving now. She throws back the remains of her drink and grabs her coat. We leave together.

As we get out onto the street the air is bitterly cold, and I thrust my hands deep into my pockets to keep warm as we walk the short distance to the station. Cleo slips an arm through mine. It’s probably nothing. She’s a touchy feely theatrical dah-ling. And it’s cold. And she’s sexy. Very sexy. And of course I want to fuck her! She’s young, effervescent, and very very sexy, and some time in the New Year I’m going l to spend several weeks looking at her naked form. In the name of art, of course.

At the platform gate we pause, embrase casually, and I get a peck on the cheek. Not a Parisian cheek-on-cheek kiss, but a lips on cheek peck.

It’s probably just as well we’re getting on different trains. Any more of this and it wouldn’t just be my ego that’s swelling.

11 Responses to “I’ll get paid to see her naked”

  1. The more I read your blogs the more I’m intrigued about you! Sounds like a visually rewarding job hehe

  2. What on earth do you do for a living!? 🙂

  3. I love this, dear AM! What a fun, vivacious, dramatic night. I’m also ridiculously envious of your self control (and of your work gig). Happy Xmas to you!! xx Hy

  4. Guess you’re a photographer and Cleo is a model and your job involves lots of photo-taking. Merry Christmas to you.

    Just wonder, if your job involves very often of seeing half-naked women, will you get numbed to the extent that your cock will not stand much on seeing naked women and you will need greater sexual stimulation to get high?

    • Porn has worked very well for me since before Cleo was born, so I can’t imagine staring at pussy will ever not work for me.
      (Hmmm, now I think about it like that, maybe getting turned on watching Cleo naked has lost a little of its appeal.)

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