Boxing Day blues

4:30am on Boxing Day is a bad time to be awake and horny.
Especially when the object of your lust is fast asleep and is guaranteed not to appreciate being woken for a fuck.
5:30am on Boxing Day is a bad time to be still awake and still horny.
Time to get up, and go downstairs.

We need to change something.
I need to change something.
I need a new refrain.
I need to instigate the change.
I need sex at night.
I need sex.
I need sleep.
I need sex to break this cycle of sleeplessness.
I need it to relax me, both physically and mentally.
I need sex for the sake of my sanity.
I need sex for the sake of my marriage.
I need sex for the sake of the physical comfort of my testicles and prostate.
I need to fuck my Wife at night.
If not I need to have a wank before bed.
I need to cum at least two nights a week.
Three would be better.
I need to tell Her all this.
I need to find a way of comunicating this.
I need to find a way of starting that conversation that isn’t like using a Howitzer to open a door when you’ve got a bunch of keys.
I need to break this cycle.
I need to figure out how.

19 Responses to “Boxing Day blues”

  1. You are me both. (although I don’t have a prostate.!)

    I often try to remind myself that there are a lot of people out there who have it worse than I do…and then I say, “Fuck that. I am entitled to sexual happiness. Period.”

    Then I just spin in my hamster wheel of hopelessness. I think I want out. It’s all tiring for me and for everyone else.

    Boxing Bisous,

  2. wow ! your list of needs sounds like a list of new year resolutions

  3. sexuallifeofawife Says:

    Life would indeed be happier for you… Two nights a week isn’t too much to ask – if you ask nicely. I wish you luck Accidental!

  4. Print this and leave it on her pillow. : )

  5. goodoldgamera Says:

    I ran across a blog recently that made me think of your blog. I don’t know if it’s something that will work for you or not — I certainly don’t agree with everything it says — but it’s dedicated to helping married men have a lot of sex with their wives. Which sounds like it’s your primary goal for the new year. So maybe you’ll find something of use here. Good luck — and here’s to a fucking great 2013!

    • I had a quick look at that blog, but the little I saw really wasn’t for me. It seemed to suggest women are all the same, all want the same thing, and all think the same way, which is obviously ludicrous. Rightly or wrongly, I also got the feeling that there was a hidden agenda to the website – I can’t say what that was without reading more, but I felt my the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and not in a good way.

  6. What were your next plans on this (sex with Her) front?

    From one of your recent posts (I forget which one), you talked about her Feminist stance. Which is an intellectual construct, therefore in the matter of sexuality a logical, verbal approach might seem very reasonable to her.

    “Honey, we agreed to have sex more often for my prostate. This evening would work well for me. How about you think about it and let me know. Now, have a great day at work. xx”


    Do you remind her about an appointment, mailing a letter, or a project she wanted to complete? Schedule *yourself* (!!!), and remind her.

    *(This message was brought to you by a optimist with no hands on experience with the subject matter. Reader discretion is advised)* 🙂

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