One size of grey

Unusually I was straight into the shower after my Wife this morning, and before I headed for the bathroom, I stood naked and semi-erect in front of Her, and we casually discussed the order of the day. I showered as quickly as possible, ensuring She was still dressing and I still had a semi when came back to bedroom.

I chose my ultra low cut grey briefs from my underwear drawer. You know the ones – I’ve probably bored you to death with tales of my pants (UK). The ones that barely cover my cock when flaccid and (despite my mostly waxed crotch) none of my pubes. Though She has seen me in them briefly before (please excuse the pun, Dear Reader) I don’t think She has seen me posing quite so proudly in them. Not that I was overt about this, but I just stood there, with my partially swollen member, almost hidden by my diminutive underwear. I took far longer than I needed to put a shirt on, but it pleased me to display myself to my Wife. I didn’t look in Her direction – that ran the risk of being obvious – but I busied myself gathering together my jeans, shirt and socks whilst we talked.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw She looked. She looked down at my crotch. To be fair, She was probably thinking Is he serious? Those really are ridiculously tiny. If he ordered the wrong size, why didn’t he send them back? To be fair, there’s a reasonable chance She was thinking Not sexy, just like She did with my PVC jeans. But She looked at my body. And that’s why I bought these briefs. To get me noticed. To get my Wife to look at me.

I put my shirt on. It was long enough to hide my briefs, so I casually lifted the hem slightly to scratch my stomach. She looked down again.

I may need to pose in my underwear some more.

17 Responses to “One size of grey”

  1. Did your wife take the ‘bait’ and proceed into action?

  2. I hate “liking” this since it didn’t end the way I would have liked for you…but the mental picture of you made me smile…

  3. It is little know that us women are and can be “turned on” visually and what a picture you have just painted hmmmmmmm very nice. Keep trying with the Mrs.

  4. I smiled over this one … I hope it progresses.

    BTW, what’s your twitter name? I tried searching for you and couldn’t find you.

  5. You really should post pics of these underpants 🙂

  6. I agree with Hy – I had to imagine you partially swollen in your diminutive underwear and all I could think was “What a waste!” I wanted to stick my hand out and touch you…at least lightly, run my fingers so slowly and lightly to relish the sensation. It was cute how you talked about taking a picture of her in the present you bought. Push it – maybe that will loosen her up and get her excited. ??

  7. rougedmount Says:

    i wanted to take a picture. with your back to the light of a partially shaded window, so the bright light would throw shadows across the floor and leave your frame, slightly angled, in silhouette. i wanted to capture the moment that you casually and purposefully lifted your shirt, to expose a small expanse of sensual stomach which made the barely covered expanse of your groin, all the more prominent. to see a strong, masculine hand so close to an obvious swelling engorgement, holding the soft material of a dress shirt, instead of a hardened shaft. i imagined seeing the bulge of your briefs, knowing the softness contained within, seeing the evidence of impending arousal, needing the moment to last until you forget…forget about posing for me because you have seen the response in the biting of my lips, the movement of my throat as i swallow, the flaring of my nostrils and the widening of my eyes. i wanted to capture in film, what my imagination was inspired to create, by your words of creamy and sweet restraint.

    • Fuck! That’s got me hard!
      [Hmmmmm … Thinks to self …]
      Maybe if you tell me more … a lot more … all the way to the hot, sticky end … I might feel … inspired … to reach for my camera … as well as my cock.

  8. It’s a step in the right direction though, right? You got them to get her to notice….and she did. I’m sorry she didn’t pounce on you though. 😦

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