Pain, and the “C” word

Her : Don’t go straight for my cunt …
I hadn’t. In roughly chronological order I’d gone for her arse, back, thighs, arms, neck, face, stomach, thighs (repeat, repeat, vary, repeat), then neck, tits, nipples, stomach, thighs (repeat, repeat, vary, repeat), and then, finally, after many slow cycles, only then did I go for her cunt.

Let’s rewind the scene about 30min.

It was a 5:30am-and-we’re-both-awake fuck.
I’ll not bore you with too many details. But there are a couple you should know.

1. Pain
I’ve been trying to wank less recently, so I can cum in my Wife on the rare occasions we actually fuck. Not tugging myself off has been increasingly difficult, but whilst I’ve failed miserably to not play with my cock, I have managed to stop myself from making myself cum. So we can have the pleasure of Her doing that for me. And although we had a typically shaky start to our 5:30am-and-we’re-both-awake fuck, I did shoot my load in Her this morning.

Well, I think I did.

It was an odd orgasm for me. Although I didn’t last long, I had to work very hard to get there. I could feel it building, then ebbing, so I concentrated harder and fucked harder. I could feel it building again, and then ebbing again, so I concentrated harder again and fucked still harder. This happened 3 or 4 more times and each time I got closer, the sensations in my loins grew more intense. If the lights had been on, my Wife would have seen my cum face was far more contorted than usual. It was a lot more intense, and not entirely in a good way. At the point when I finally climaxed, I felt both an ache in my prostate and a vicious burn along the entire length of my cock – from arsehole to helmet. And although I must have had a significant load to blow, and although I had the endorphin rush, I never actually felt myself ejaculate.

It kind of hurt.
Amidst my grunts and gasps I said “Ouch!”

She asked the nature of the pain – back, hips, balls, something else? But it took me a moment to collect my thoughts, hindered as I was by the ongoing quakes of orgasm, which drove me to finish my subsiding thrusts. Eventually I told her I thought is was prostate related, which I think it was. It certainly felt like it.

Whilst I have been stimulating myself in the last couple of weeks, I’ve not drained my balls. What I suspect is that I have encouraged my body to produce a significant amount of semen, and when I finally came to cum, I had more to ejaculate than my prostate could comfortably accommodate. This theory was born out a short while later when my Wife encouraged me (loosely speaking) to masturbate Her. As I reached between Her thighs, they were soaked. Gloriously hot and wet and sticky. I have rarely fingered a hole so moist. But She hadn’t cum. And I hadn’t lasted long enough to get Her juices flowing that much. Or I don’t think so. So maybe that was all my jizz. And there was a lot of it. So maybe I did ejaculate after all.

2. The “C” word

Having apparently flooded my Wife’s pussy, (She said She liked that I’d cum in Her – mission accomplished!) She encouraged me to turn my attentions to giving Her an orgasm. 10min or so of foreplay later, She said …
Her :
Don’t go straight for my cunt
Me : Ok
Her : Stoke around first. Anywhere you like – thighs, bum, breasts.

As I’ve already mentioned, I hadn’t gone straight for Her cunt – far from it – but the important thing is that She said  my cunt. That most glorious of words, describing that most glorious of havens. Her cunt. And She called it by name.

I’ve only ever heard Her use the “C” word once before, and that was as profane derision of someone She had REALLY taken a disliking to.

This time She called Her cunt Her cunt. I can’t tell you how good that sounded. Hours later, and my cock swells at the thought of my Wife saying my cunt. Admittedly She was effectively saying don’t touch my cunt, which has instantly sapped the blood from my erection, but She used the “C” word. But, Dear Reader, if you’re ever been in doubt of the word cunt (assuming you have your own), use it the next time you fuck. Tell your partner to attend to your cunt. Those four letters have more power to arouse a man than pretty much any other.

Her : Don’t go straight for my cunt … Stoke around first. Anywhere you like – thighs, bum, breasts.
The irony, of course, is threefold:
1. I didn’t just go for Her cunt (as discussed).
2. She used the basest of words for Her cunt, but prudishly said bum rather than arse, and breasts rather than tits. (I’m sure Freud would orgasm at the mere thought of such potential for analysis.)
3. Anywhere I like would have seen me burying my face between Her thighs, spending a lot more time on Her tits, trailing my fingers along Her arse crack and tickling Her anus, and most of all, my fingers would have been knuckle deep in Her cunt, and I would have been sucking on Her pussy lips and clit … and none of these things are what She wants me to do.

Going back to the Pain issue, I have to report that over much of the 24hrs it’s taken to find time to finish writing this post, I have had residual discomfort in my dick, and my balls have ached. It’s possible a visit to the GP may be in order.

2 Responses to “Pain, and the “C” word”

  1. goodoldgamera Says:

    Good lord, that sounds uncomfortable! I’ve done the same sort of thing before — stroking but saving my cum for actual sex — although never for weeks at a time. I’ve found that if I go more than a couple of days, actually having an orgasm feels … weird, so I can imagine that going longer could actually hurt.
    Hopefully you haven’t done any permanent damage, and your system just needs to be regularly “flushed out!”
    Incidentally, did you get her to cum?

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