Not quite up to the job

The last couple of days has seen me struck down by the dreaded lurgy – aching muscles, shaking hands, hot and cold sweats, wobbly legs, foggy head and difficulty swallowing.

Not that one should let this sort of thing get in the way of sex in the middle of the night.

Whilst I’m not counting my chickens, just as the begining of 2012, NYE promises to be a transitional cliff in my sex life. But feeling quite as shitty as I have done in the the last few days I was expecting a hiatus.

Last night I was woken dozens of times by a sensation akin to having a needle shoved through my throat, and come 4:30am there was no way I was getting back to sleep. Getting up to find some throat lozenges, I unintentionally woke my Wife, and when I got back into bed, She rested a hand on my chest. I rested my hand on Her thigh, and accidentally my thumb brushed against Her bush.

Although our respective heights mean Her pussy is the most comfortable place to rest my hand when we lie next to each other, She’s never really seemed to like the prospect of my hand going too near Her quim. So I confess that when I say accidentally, my hand was carefully aimed.

I didn’t want to be obvious, so I shuffled on my pillow, and my hand naturally moved a little. So my thumb was barely touching Her pubes. I could just feel the tips of a couple of hairs. Just enough, I hoped, for Her to notice, but not enough to be an unwelcome grope.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this. Usually She will move my hand, but yesterday as we spooned, my hand again casually came to rest almost touching Her soft fuzz. As we dozed, I allowed my hand to rise an fall with Her breathing, and over the next half hour, a thousandth of an inch at a time, my hand eased towards Her snatch. It never made it there, and it transpired that my Wife thought I was a sleep, but that suited me fine.

This morning, as my hand grazed across Her bush, hours before we needed to be awake, and far to early to find the energy to fuck, She moved under my touch. I wasn’t sure, but it was almost like She was encouraging my hand to venture further. I took it away. I guess this was partly as a tease, but also to put the ball in her court. She snuggled up close.

Bearing in mind She knew I was feeling unwell, She enquired …
Her : Do you feel up to sex?
Me : We can certainly try.
And our hands fell towards their usual positions for foreplay.

Usually my rod is already well on it’s way to rigid at this point, but although sex had very much been on my mind, and although it was getting stroked, it remained resolutely flaccid.

As my Wife became increasingly aroused, I concentrated hard on getting hard. I had to concentrate very hard, and even then I wasn’t getting very hard. The dreaded lurgy has obviously hit me in ways I had not anticipated! But eventually my cock was stiff enough to perform it’s duty.

Her : Where do you want to go? Me on top, or you on top?
Me : I don’t mind, Where do you want me?
Her : On top, I think.
So we rolled over and I knelt between Her spread thighs. She reached for my dick to guide it into Her cunt, but it was immediately apparent that the few moments it had taken to choose a position had seen my member relax to a mere semi. I knelt up so She could stroke me again, but even then I had to take matters into my own hands and give myself a few hard strokes to revitalise my erection. And I eased into Her gorgeous, hot hole.

Only a few hard strokes in, and Her breath was quickening. I reckoned I could make her cum in less than a minute. But I reigned back, with gentler, deeper thrusts. She calmed a little, but very quickly Her breathing was more urgent again. So I ground down hard on Her and Her hips relaxed, spreading wider and allowing me to pump harder and deeper into Her. And She quietly whimpered and shuddered. I smiled in the darkness.

Her : We’re not going to get you there, are we?
Me : Not a chance!
Her : I’ll have to return the favour some time soon.

We spooned, and as I rested my hand on Her thigh, not particularly close to Her pussy, She moved it to a slightly safer distance. Ah yes, normallity has returned. Not that I’m complaining. My little ruse worked perfectly, even if my little cock didn’t do quite so well.

12 Responses to “Not quite up to the job”

  1. Just sense some problem. Maybe other parts of your body are not functioning well.

  2. This happens with the H too. I keep telling him it’s not all about the O but the sensations and intimacy that go with it.

    I’ve read before you talking about Her moving her hand away but didn’t think about it too much – except the other day I did that same thing to the H. Huh.

    • Maybe things aren’t as fucked up as I like to think they are. Everything is just normal.

    • Perhaps. I’m going to pay more attention to the next time I do it to see if there is a reason for my doing so. It didn’t dawn on my until after the fact. I’ll report back if it proves to be anything helpful. 🙂

      As for the H – he has said to me before that he’s too much into his head/thoughts/thinking about what his happening and it distracts him from completing the mission at hand. Perhaps, you too, are thinking about it too much? Just a thought.

  3. I have nominated you for “Very Ispiring Blogger” award you can find additional information here,

  4. How about a little update on your life? I’m just wondering how you are.

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