The One Year Itch

Hopefully you’ve noticed my absence from your list of new posts over the last month, Dear Reader, but you will be pleased to know I’m back, and as horny as ever before. (And if you’re not pleased, I shall spank you till you are!)

Only this morning, even as I wrote this very post, I received a message asking how I was, which was deeply flattering. It’s humbling to know I’ve not been forgotten. So, I should really bring you up to speed.

Firstly, I should tell you that over the last month, in the wake of the lingerie debacle, my Wife and I have actually fucked several times. 2013 has not seen us having great sex, but squeezing my cock into my Wife’s cunt is rarely something I object to. It’s been a bit formulaic – on a weekend morning and as predictable as it ever is, but sex is sex and beggars can’t be choosers (unless their mistress is feeling particularly generous). That said, we’ve not fucked for a couple of weeks, and intimacy has been as scarce as ever, so I’m back to wanking on a near daily basis.

Secondly, you may well have wondered why there have been no recent posts from your favorite phallus fondler. Well there are several reasons, and only one of them is blog related.

  1. Just after the New Year I had a spate of work land on my desk and, in the current economic climate, earning a crust is more important than moistening gussets and stretching boxers around the world. The next few weeks, and possibly longer, are currently shaping up to be no less busy, which is great, but it does mean I may not be the most regular of bloggers for a while yet.
  2. I have a personal project (entirely asexual) that I’ve tinkered with over the last couple of years, and I have now set myself a deadline to finish it. It’s a big project, and not a very distant deadline, so much of my focus has been (and remains) on that.
  3. And most significant, in terms of my blog, I hit a wall. Let me explain without the numbers down the side of the paragraphs …

As the final dregs were drained from the glasses of 2012, and we all fell face first into 2013, I had been writing more blog entries than usual. And as you know, My Prolific Blogging Friend, blogging is not an effortless process – it takes time and emotional energy. Whilst I had made it a habit to pace myself, usually just 2 posts a week, quite frankly blogging was starting to become a chore. New Year itself had been a bit of an sexually emotional roller coaster, and I also was feeling a little jaded about the whole blogging thing.

At the time, I had more than a dozen posts completed and scheduled to auto publish (and probably twice that many posts still in embryonic states) so I could quite happily have walked away from WP for a month, and this blog would have remained just as engorged as it ever was. I could have, but I didn’t. Instead I put all those posts on hold and walked away.

To be fair, I was reasonably sure I’d be back at some point – probably when I cleared my desk of all the things that need clearing – after all, it’s quite likely I’ve actually invested more than 200 hours in these sordid web pages over the last year and it would be a shame to turn my back on that. Then there’s all you lovely, loyal pervs who read my scribblings – I do feel some obligation towards you, Dear Reader.

My guess is that I actually hit a very normal blogging wall. Just as the Seven Year Itch drives those in a relationship to find unfamiliar genitals to enjoy after a protracted period, there does seem to be a One Year Itch that many sex bloggers are blighted by. Several of my favorite purveyors of pervy posts started blogging around the same time I did, and several of those have regrettably fallen by the wayside and apparently blog no more. All around the time their blogs were about 12 months long. What is it about a year and blogging? It’s probably conicidence, and I am not the person to delve into the psychology of such things, but there does seem to be a wall that many of us face, and not everyone has the will, or need to break though it.

But I am back. I enjoy being a sex blogger, I love hearing that I have inspiired more than the occasional masturbatory orgasm somewhere out there in the world wide wanking web, and I fully intend to carry on.

There is still a back log of posts that I’ve yet to publish, and they may well constitute the bulk of my posts for a few weeks yet, but I do have a couple of more immediate posts that I just wanted to get to you. To wet your appetite (and wet your whistles) here is some of what I have in store for you …

  • Alien vs Predator – a look at why sci-fi is sexier than pop culture.
  • Undinism – an old post that was removed, but will be back by popular demand. (Just look it up in the dictionary – you know you want to.)
  • Disposal – what happened to the underwear I bought my wife for Xmas.
  • Dream Party – A dream I had about a party … funily enough.
  • Giving Her the idea – about dropping a hint to my wife about one of my fetishistic interests.
  • Kinky 101 – a response to a post by one of my favourite bloggers.
  • Limp – an ode to a flaccid cock.
  • You’re not sticking that in me – oooh this one is soooo kinky!
  • Dirty movies – a request for your help.
  • Kinky boots – about boots. Genius title eh?!
  • A cautionary tale – about a mistake I made with an escort.
  • Self abused – a very very old post that’s getting draged out of the archives.
  • Why you should want to be fondled – it does what it says on the tin
  • Hello girls – about men’s underwear
  • There are a couple of Women I’ve slept with posts that are well on their way to being finished.

And there’s even more smuttiness in the pipeline for your enjoyment than that. But in the meantime I’m off to get some of the stickyness out of my own pipeline.

(Oh it’s so good to be back!)

8 Responses to “The One Year Itch”

  1. tonguetied Says:

    If you could just, you know, put all of those posts up right now, that’d be okay with me. I have no patience.
    Glad you’re back!

  2. Very glad you’re back…I’d only read a few posts before real life got in the way of my personal enjoyment, but I was starting to wonder where you’d gone…:)

  3. I’ve been silently following your blog for the past year. I was worried when you went on hiatus. lol. BUT I am glad you are back.

  4. I think you are correct about the one year itch and how some just fall to the wayside. It does take a lot of work to blog and blog good.I have another blog for my work and it is so boring but it is work, especially because I suck at grammar and spelling and have to make sure i sound professional and not some goof, which I am but I can not sound like I am. Oh and yes I looked up the word undinism!! Getting pee on. I can remember the first time my man did that to me. It was a first for me, I had heard about it but had never had it done. It was summer time and we were camping and he pee on my foot. Then again when we were in the water. I find that I really like it, and have thought about asking him to do it again. My man is great and I love fucking him, but he has no sense of adventure or playfulness in him when it comes to sex. Me I am all about playing being silly having fun. I just started my blog in Dec. I graduate in march and live in a small town were my work is and I need a place to go that I could be just me.My work and sex are so closely related due to years of miss use, I love it here and it so wonderful to know that there are others out there that are like me and love to talk about sex. I look forward to reading your blogs. And hey this is my third post do I get a pass word!!
    Remember life is short and you have to take care of you and yours before any of us. We will wait….living the dream!!

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