DLS #12 : Out with the chaps

It is quite likely that my sexual resurgence of the last couple of days was catalyzed by my Wife’s having to go away from home on business for a few days. It invariably brings out the pervert in me. Usually I’ll end up wearing my cock cage or ball stretchers and tossing myself off two or three times a day, until She comes home.

This weekend, there is the added twist that I’m heading into the Big Smoke to catch up with former colleagues. I do like to have a DLS on such occasions. So tonight, when I go for a drink with the chaps, I’ll actually be going for a drink in my chaps. My purple, rubber chap shorts with detachable thong. I’ve mentioned them before, I know.

They are without doubt the one item of clothing that makes me hornier than anything else I’ve ever worn. I simply love them to bits. And tonight, as I chat with friends, and we all exaggerate slightly about how happy and successful we all are, my thighs and danglies will be gently squeezed by hot purple latex. My arse cheeks, on the other hand will not.

If you’re struggling to imagine what my chaps might look like, here’s a visual aid.


Strictly speaking, mine are actually a little longer, stopping just above the knee, like cycle shorts. But you get the idea. And if you don’t perhaps you should consider signing up for my Members Only posts.

4 Responses to “DLS #12 : Out with the chaps”

  1. those are like break away fuck me immediately shorts!

  2. I will be suggesting this to my partner. this should be loads of fun ha!

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