Whilst looking for an old photo on my old PC, I found myself heading deeper into the nest of folders and inexorably towards the folder I used to store my porn in. Before I reached the mass of filth and smut that I have wanked over so very very many times, I stumbled across this piece of erotic art.

I have a feeling that the photo is of a sculpture by an artist who asked all their friends if they would model for a cast, and these were then brought together as a single piece of art. Or it’s entirely possible that I imagined that.

But what ever the story behind it is, to me it is both beautiful as a piece of art, and fucking horny. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.


7 Responses to “Casting”

  1. That is really cool, I want to be a part of something like that. You can look at it for a long time. I love all the booby’s!! Absolutely fascinating, I keep finding myself going back to look at it. Thank you for share!!

    • The idea of this sculpture appeals to me on several levels. I think it is a beautiful celebration of sexuality, and I’d love to have it on my wall and I’d love to have it made up of my friends dicks, quims and tits. just as much, I love the idea of the process – having someone take a cast of my cock, or making casts of other people. The whole thing is utterly fascinating. I wonder if the artist got to fuck his / her subjects.

      Since rediscovering the picture, purely by coincidence, and whilst looking at a sex toy website, I fountains accross mould your own dildo kits and would love to have a go with one again.

  2. filledandfooled Says:

    That is really cool!

    I think it would be fun to have a bunch of bloggers submit black and white images of their parts and someone can make a collage. In the name of art, and erotic blog imagery! I’m not skilled in photoshop but I bet I know someone who is. We can all share it on our blogs and inspire a moment (pun intended, always my puns are intended)

    • You’ve just given me an idea, but my guess is that was precisely your intention.
      One of my favourite bloggers (now largely moved on to pastures new) ran a Guess The Blogger Competition, and I’ve been considering perpetuating her legacy. But you may have come up with something even better.
      Watch this space (and please note, your participation will be obligatory)!

    • filledandfooled Says:

      I am eager to volunteer!

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