For a friend

From my time as a sex blogger, it has become quite apparent to me that many of us come to this medium because all is not well. It may be that we are not in relationships and want to be, or are in relationships and don’t want to be, or for some like myself, we are in relationships that are not what we want them to be. Or maybe we just don’t know what we want or where we fit in to the sexual landscape of society.

As you read your favorite sex blogs, I would urge you all to spare a thought for what might be behind the blog, and read between the lines. And if there is something that someone writes that concerns you, offer that person a caring ear. Be careful to to pry or push for information the author does not wish to share, but remember that sometimes it’s hard to ask for help.

(Dedicated to a friend.)

16 Responses to “For a friend”

  1. filledandfooled Says:

    I love this! Behind the sheer curtain of a sex blog you find true bared souls, such beauty.

  2. You are the best AM.


  3. Is that a disgruntled smiley?

  4. I see a tender heart behind this post.

  5. This is so very true. I know I’m doing so much better than I was last March thanks to this loving community.

  6. thanks for posting this.

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