DLS #13 : Tied up at the office

Part of the appeal of kink for me is it’s non-conformist nature. The fact that doing something kinky would not meet with approval from the moral masses. All of which fits very nicely with my Dirty Little Secrets. There’s something very satisfying knowing that you are being secretly kinky whilst in an entirely a-sexual situation, and being the only one who knows.

Sometimes I work from home, sometimes I work at clients’ offices, and when I do I love being kinky. That can take the form of wearing rubber under my work clothes, or a ball stretcher, and although I’ve never not done so, I have even contemplated wearing my butt plug to work. But one of my favourite work place DLSs is to wear my CB6000s cock cage.

Which, as I tweeted this morning, is precisely what I’m doing today.

I had an early start, leaving the house before anyone else was up, so after my morning ablutions I headed for the kitchen. Whilst the kettle boiled, I sat with my chastity device broken down into its constituent parts on the kitchen table and lubed up the cock ring and tube, before imprisoning my genitals. Then I had breakfast and drove, comfortably contained, to my clients site.

On arriving, the cock ring had shifted a little, so I headed for the Gents, sat down to pee (unless you’re naked from the waist down, you pretty much have to when wearing a CB6000s) and pulled my scrotum further through the ring. Hmmm. Much better.

And then I sat through the morning’s job, pleasantly distracted by the hard plastic against my cock and balls. Whenever I thought about it, my tool grew gently, my balls tightened, and the cage squeezed deliciously. And all in the company of two clients.

It seems I may have used a little more lube than usual today, as every once in a while, as my cock became engorged, I heard a slight squeaky wheeze as a little air was forced out by my swelling flesh, through the breathing holes of the cock tube. I wondered if the clients heard or if they we’re puzzled by the sound. I certainly doubt they had the slightest inkling it was down to my Dirty Little Secret.

An early start to the working day also meant an early finish. My in-laws are back in town in a few days, so on my way home I’ve had to drop by their house to turn the central heating back on.

And here I am, sat in their living room, with my trousers and briefs round my ankles. legs spread, my dick encased in its crystal clear prison, telling you, Dear Reader, what a kinky little pervert I’m being today. And it arouses me. I must unfetter myself quickly, before my erection gets too great for the cage … or keep it on and think of very un-sexy things.

12 Responses to “DLS #13 : Tied up at the office”

  1. I get the feeling this device is a bit masochistic. Maybe I think that because I’m claustrophobic! The deviant perspective within the company of “normal” people is exciting.

    • It certainly could be both masochistic and sadistic if used that appropriately, but so could many other non-fetish sex toys.
      For me, it’s about being held when my cock is flaccid. Feeling a squeeze as it starts to get erect. And what man doesn’t like his genitals to be held, or to have his cock squeezed.
      Granted, if you get a full erection, that can get very uncomfortable – as your dick lengthens it pushed the cage forward and the ring bears down on your balls, but that’s for the BDSM crowd, not me. I’d rather get a partial hard-on, and then have to think about loosing it. Think of it as the masturbatory equivalent of being teased by your partner. And that ties in again with wearing one in a public situation – when you can take it off is determined by your environment and companions – you give a degree of the power of tease to them … even if they don’t know it.

    • yes , that does sound exciting

  2. […] except the airport. So I’m sorry my dear Reclining Gentleman, Pixie, Seed Said So, Kyle, Accidental Masturbator, Pink Agendist and Romantic Dominate. I won’t be popping in for tea this trip. Perhaps next […]

  3. Lovely post. I read it first thing in the morning out loud with my Mom. There is something lovely about reading words like yours in stark morning light over the first cup of your hot drink and sharing it with a friend. I felt like I was there, or that I was you, that is how good your posts typically are. Like this one.

    Take care.

    • Wow!
      I don’t know what to say!
      You read my posts to your mother?
      What did she think?
      Did she say anything about the post, the cock cage, the fact that you read sex blogs, or the fact that you were reading it to her?
      Does she know about your blog?
      Does she read my blog ever?
      Is she hot? (Actually, ignore that question. I’m getting carried away!)
      So many questions!
      I’m genuinely astounded.
      And very pleased for you that you can have such open conversations with your mother.

    • Yes I read them to my Mom…you mean you don’t? 🙂

      Yes, I read her your posts and show her your pictures. They are interesting! It is such a gift that you give that I get to hear the intimate thoughts of a male. They really are helpful. I’ve been reading your posts to her nearly since you started blogging.

      I had to re-explain to her what the “Penis Cage” was (I do edit the strong words, which in it’s own way, is hilarious), and remind her that I had shown her your pictures of the device and how it works, then she just started giggling. She has read your blog and I do also send her your posts. I read to her posts from Hyacinth, WorkSpouse, Gillian-that-was, and more. Ooo, love Pervocracy blog. That one has tips on “How To Behave At A Sex Party,” and more. I had a lot of fun reading that one to her.

      I tease her that I will buy her a Hitachi for her birthday, but I think my gumption ends at just the words. She knows about my blog, but I’ve never sent her the address, as sometimes I do talk about her. My Mom used to be hot, she used to live in her bikini and have waist length red hair. But time marches on.

      Your world is so different from mine, that it is equal parts fascinating and restful.

      *hugs to you*

    • Ha ha. I don’t even remember ever having a conversation about the birds and the bees with my parents. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at your breakfast table!

      I find it interesting that you talk to your mum about kink but choose not to utter words like cock. To me the tameness of cock is juxtaposed by the subject of a chastity cage. But hey …

      Out of curiosity, how old is your mum? (And no I’m not thinking of hitting on her!) I’m fascinated by the demographics of my readership and spanning generations pleases me greatly.

    • My sister married an impotent man and has never consummated her marriage. That is the level of dysfunction and repression in my family. Ultra, ultra conservative religious background.

      But I want a different life, and I am dragging my Mom with me. Step #1 is knowledge. So I find informative things and read them to her. Most everything regarding sex is theoretical to us, so it is all so *interesting*. I show her interesting porn. We’ve discussed how to go about anal sex with a partner. Anything taboo, I want to know about and talk about conversationally. She is 60 years young. My sister thinks I’m boring, and she can go on thinking that. All of this is too important to me to share lightly.

      I know you’d prefer it if I said that I read your posts to her and we retire to our separate rooms to get sticky fingered, and she might I don’t know. But getting comfortable with sexuality at all, and then with the vast variety of sexuality is an important foundation for me as an adult. This is important to me and you have helped greatly. Seriously.

      I do hope you have a lovely day. I have a tree-crackingly large bald eagle in the trees in my back yard and deer on the porch, and fighting bucks out the kitchen window. Oh, and last night I accidentally helped my cat herd a mouse. See? you have a wild life and I have wildlife. 🙂

      Take care ~

    • It does indeed please me greatly to know if my readers masturbate after reading my posts.
      It pleases me more to know that there are folk who can talk about sex as you do with your mother. That is what sex should be. Normal. My wife and I don’t talk about sex – hardly at all – and that is insane.
      But it pleases me most that, even if my blog is intended as little more than an emotional exorcism, someone is getting more than just lascivious pleasure from reading it. I applaud you for your journey of sexual enlightment; I have little doubt it would be a worthwhile road for anyone to tread. And I feel honored to be part of that.
      (My life is not so wild. I would happily swap it for a view of your wildlife.)

  4. This dirty little secret got my girlie parts excited. I’m suddenly very fascinated about what dirty little secrets one may have…hmm.

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