Let’s not be too subtle about this

One of my favourite online underwear retailers has recently started promoting the Pikante brand. I’ve noticed their products a couple of times before, and I may yet buy some, but today it was their logo that caught my attention.


I should point out that whilst the chile pepper in the company logo does usually appear in red, the phallus in the “K” does not usually flash pink … but I didn’t want you to miss the subtlety of the design, Dear Reader.

You’ve just gotta love a company that knows its market and shoe-horns an erect penis into its branding.

4 Responses to “Let’s not be too subtle about this”

  1. CaptKitty Says:

    And that’s another ad that would probably be banned in many countries for being to foward.

  2. You are a male underwear officionado (?sp) You COULD write a book Mr. : ) and model them for sure!

    • I’d think of myself as more of an enthusiast.
      There won’t be a book, but there are a couple of longer posts getting written on the subject. (And probably something more pictorial for AMPC members.)

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