Getting comfortable

Etiquette is important, especially when sex is involved. Respecting people’s boundaries and not making assumptions about what they may or may not feel comfortable with should always be a primary concern. And when you’re getting your pubes waxed its just as important.

When I was looking for a new salon a few years ago, I stumbled upon an internet forum for waxing. It was mainly populated by beauticians, but a few customers joined, and in one thread a question was asked about the etiquette of undressing: how naked should you be when getting your genitals denuded? The concensus was that it’s really down to how comfortable the client and beautician feel with each other.

I have usually assumed that being completely naked was probably excessive, and have opted to keep a shirt and my socks on. If I am offered a towel, I’ll cover my self with it and leave the therapist to uncover my jewels at their discretion..

Yesterday was my third visit to Catherine to get my cock, balls and arse crack waxed, and it seems she may be getting increasingly comfortable with both me, as a client, and with my dangly bits. And yet, there do still seem to be a couple of inconsistencies.

When I arrive at her home, I’m shown through to the room she has set aside for her work. She checks what I have booked, gives me a towel and the leaves the room while I get undressed. Everyone I’ve ever been waxed by has always done this, which has always struck me as a little odd. I’m about to have my cock and balls tugged around whilst they get plucked like a turkey, and then I’ll get on my hands and knees to present my spread arse cheeks: why would I possibly care if they see me undress? And considering how attentive the better waxers are when removing the last few hairs with tweezers, I’m puzzled: is the towel for the sake of my modesty or theirs?

Catherine handles my cock and balls more than anyone else who’s waxed my nethers. Not gratuitously so, but unlike some therapists I’ve been waxed by she is comfortable moving my cock around and ensuring both it’s skin, and that of my scrotum, are pulled taught without my assistance. It seems to be a psychologically comfortable process for both of us.

On my first visit she seemed cautious about waxing round my arse-hole. Not any more. Yesterday I felt the warm wax being smeared right across my puckered sphincter, ensuring all traces of hair were removed from around my butt hole.

Also on my first two visits, when I was on all fours, with Catherine attending to my perineum, I was asked to pull myself tight. I made a point of encircling my thumb and forefinger around the base of my knackers and gently tugging them forward, much as I like to do when wanking: it’s a very effective way of tightening the skin, and was only mildly gratuitous. Yesterday Catherine boldly reached between my legs, gently pinched my scrotum between my balls and firmly stretched it downward … before ripping the hairs from my taint.
(Does she enjoy her work? Does she get off on making prostrate men flinch at her attentions? I can almost imagine her grinning whilst she whips her fettered, athletic husband. But I digress…)

Unlike when I get undressed, once Catherine has thoroughly checked my fresh baldness, and liberally wiped soothing moisturiser over my crack, bollocks and tool, when I get dressed she stays in the room. She retires to her desk and writes notes on my client card (I am intrigued to know what she records on this) whilst the random conversation continues unabated. And this is probobaly the shift I am most puzzled by – if I might need to be alone to disrobe, then why not when I clothe myself? Strange.

In contrast to Catherine’s apparent comfort when waxing me, I found myself curiously uncomfortable about something yesterday. When I’ve previously blogged about getting waxed, my fellow blogger I know that but expressed some enthusiasm for me getting an El Diablo (rather than my usual Brazilian) , and it was my intention for my fuzz to be so styled this time.


But when it came to agreeing what hair Catherine would leave, I lost my bottle. I don’t know whether it was that I was embarrassed by the idea of asking someone to make my manhood look potentially amusing, or publicly acknowledging that my waxed state isn’t purely about comfort – there is indeed a far more salacious rational. Or perhaps a more creative shape would be more likely to attract attention and questions from my Wife, and this is something I have sought to avoid. (Don’t ask why – I think you’d need Freud to answer that!) But I ended up with my usual boring landing strip. And now I regret it.

Next time. Next time! Maybe next time I will be more comfortable. Maybe next time I’ll have the balls to have horns of hair above my horn of flesh.

19 Responses to “Getting comfortable”

  1. CaptKitty Says:

    I have been waxed and it hurts like a bitch! Laser hair removal is a much painless way to go. I never once thought about having devil horns waxed above my pussy but now you’ve got me thinking about it. It’s just that the process of growing out my pubs is very irritating. I hate it.

    • I’ll post pics of my cock with hair horns if you post pics of your pussy with hair horns. Tee hee.
      I’ve thought about getting my sack’n’crack lasered (were it not for the expense) but I’d probably keep getting the hair above my cock waxed, as it’s nice to have the option of styles.
      I’m surprised at your discomfort of regrowth irritation and pain of waxing. That said I’ve been getting waxed for about 10yrs, so my pubic follicles don’t put up much resistance.

    • CaptKitty Says:

      When purchasing laser hair removal, I do it through websites like because the packages for laser are discounted to affordable rates. Otherwise I could never afford to pay for laser. I have a higher pain tolerance for getting punched then I do for getting getting my pubs ripped out of me. Have you ever heard of Uni K Wax? It’s wax without the strip and it’s all natural. On the rare occasion I get waxed, it hurts a lot less.
      And should I decide to get devils horns waxed, you will be the first to know and see!

    • How do you know about your tolerance for getting punched? Actually, don’t answer that.
      I’ve tried products like Uni K Wax, but I find DIY is a pain in the ass … and neck.
      I look forward to your horns giving me the horn!

    • CaptKitty Says:

      LOL, I took martial arts for about 6 years.
      I tried to wax myself once and it was SO PAINFUL. The last time I waxed my pussy, she didn’t speak to me for DAYS. And as far as waxing your asshole, yeah, that gets a little awkward. And tiring. Plus, I’m always scared that if the waxing lady waxes to hard, I might fart. Is that weird?

    • (Which martial art did you study? Just out of curiosity.)
      I know exactly where you’re coming from on DIY waxing. That’s why I have resolved to always pay someone else do it to me.
      I think I’m more … err … concerned … (that’s probably the wrong word) … about getting a boner than farting. But let’s be honest, experienced therapists have probably seen it all before. And I’d quite like to get a hard-on whilst getting waxed. #KinkyBastard

    • CaptKitty Says:

      I’m a first degree black belt in tae kwon do and I also took kickboxing and karate.
      Hmmm…blowjob after a wax session. Possibility?

    • I can’t imagine a situation where my Wife would go down on my freshly waxed tool, but you’d be welcome to try it.

  2. Oh god, only just recovered from that image of you on all fours with your socks on!! Please! Socks?
    And why on all fours, I just pull my knees to my chest thus exposing my derrière (all sorts of images in my head now as to how a beautician might go about waxing your balls)
    My beautician doesn’t leave the room either when I get dressed, surely there is nothing left to say to each other at this point!

    • Yeah, sorry about the socks. But I’m not trying to be sexy for Catherine.
      I guess on all fours because it’s easier. Most therapists who’ve waxed me have done my crack that way. My balls are always dealt with while I’m on my back.

  3. I have thought about going in and having someone else wax me for once, but I can not get over the fact that it would be like my gardener trimming my pot plants, if I had a gardener…..Wait I don’t wax I just shave it all..I am not shy at all..I just had a spray on tan not long ago where I stood completely naked while she sprayed me down, but I still can not see myself having someone else slap wax on my pussy and pulling, maybe I am just to old…No it’s the gardener and pot plants that keeps me doing it myself….LOL

    • I’m sure your analogy makes perfect sense on some levels, but it reads like you’ve been smoking pot, not planting pots. PMSL

    • I started off buying an electric razor complete with templates to make pretty patterns (heart, arrow etc). Razor seemed to leave me with stubble, not nice for anyone. Then I tried self waxing ( the same hot wax that my beautician uses that doesn’t stick to the skin and you have to peel, or in my case, yank off. It got stuck, I cried. I tried again, cried some more. Resolved to go to a professional who is brilliant, quick, efficient and only occasionally gets a bit stuck. Being acutely embarrassed about spreading myself for another women who then coats hot wax over my labia won over DIY. (fyi her oldest client is in her 70s)
      Just thought, if I can cope with hot wax down there surely if can’t be much worse on my breasts? (AM #78 sorted?)

  4. Waxing is too expensive and my hair grows back too fast; my pubes hang out of my bathing suit between visits! Bleh!

    And I’ve wondered the same thing (about having privacy to disrobe/redress) when I’m at the gynocologist’s, too. So weird!

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