I’d like to dedicate this to Dawn, the most prolific poet amongst my Dearest Readers, albeit one who has been conspicuous by her absence recently. .

I want to be soft in your fingers
I want to be limp and quite small
As your hand wraps around
No strength to be found
Unable to give you my all

I want to be flaccid and lifeless
Not hard or throbbing or thick
As I rest in your palm
It’s all far too calm
You’ll have little use for my dick

No veins filled with lust and with passion
No more twitches or dribbles of juice
As my manhood hangs down
You will try not to frown
As you know that I have an excuse

You’ll already have drained me of jism
Your hand will be sticky with cream
If you want me erect
Then I suspect
You’ll just have to lick my cock clean

15 Responses to “Limp”

  1. That was beautiful AM. You’re a softy with a creamy center. Your words were touching – to the heart.

  2. snowdrop17 Says:

    brilliantly poetic…and surprisingly moving
    and so I will restrain my natural urge to comment about grammar (so deeply ingrained in my psyche)

    • If you want to take me to task on spelling, typos or proof reading, that’s fine. But I’ll stand by my knowledge of grammar.
      (I was temped to take mock offence and say you can suck my cock, but the intended humour might have got lost. And you’d be very welcome to do that anyway.)

  3. Oh AM!!! I am touched! I’m back now…I’m trying to change my blog name and avatar and I’m not so sure it’s working.

    No one has ever written me a poem. I feel all mushy now! Thank you!

    Biggest Bisous on your Manhood,

    PS: Funny because I saw this post in my emails last night and I didn’t read it because of the title! HA! 😉

  4. snowdrop17 Says:

    non ego tuam corrigant grammatica (x100)
    bring it on

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