Whoever you are, FUCK OFF!

Apparently my blog has received 3 hits today (presumably by the same person) connected with the following search engine term being used.


I really don’t care who it is who has found my blog this way, but they can just fuck off!

Anyone who knows the first thing about my blog will know exactly how far removed such things are from my posts, and this makes me very angry.

If anyone knows how I can track the IP address of who ever is responsible for the respective search, please let me know and I shall pass it on to WP admin staff.

And if you, Not So Dear Reader, are responsible, FUCK OFF! And pray you never cross my path.

9 Responses to “Whoever you are, FUCK OFF!”

  1. You should see the pedophilic searches I get related to my blog’s name. I rarely look at search terms anymore unless I want to feel sick.

  2. Matthew Vett Says:

    Yeah, I get some bad ones sometimes. I mostly mock them when they’re dumb, but when they’re creepy and shit, I just ignore them. I got someone who was searching for “hot sauce handjob” yesterday… I wouldn’t let it get to you. At least you’re foiling them briefly, although it would be interesting to see whether you could determine which page they’re ending up at, and include a big disclaimer at the bottom about their IPs being tracked by the FBI or something.

    • 99.9% of the time I pay no attention. Search engines can be as stupid as the fucked up knuckle draggers who search for such things. I guess it’s just that there’s been a lot of it in the press recently and it hit a nerve.

  3. I’m liking the “accidental pubes” just below, what is an accidental pube?

  4. and wordpress boob fondled? wordpress has boobs?

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