Sensual Blogger Award

The more dedicated amongst you, Dear Readers, will have noticed I’ve not blogged much recently. However, one of my newest followers, the gloriously named Betty Home Banger has nominated me for The Sensual Blogger Award.


As I’ve discussed before, I don’t usually do the whole passing on thing, with blogging awards. This is not because I am unappreciative of such accolades, far from it, but because a) I don’t really feel I deserve those I have received and b) I don’t really read enough blogs to introduce readers to work they with which they are not already familiar. (That infinitive is dedicated to Snowdrop17. She will know why.) That said, it would be rude of me to not respond to Betty’s nomination, thank her publicly, and to answer her questions. So here goes …

1. What’s your favorite body part to be touched sensually – not including “the goods”?
You may think, Dear Reader, I would say something like my areshole or nipples, and indeed they do check the required boxes (no pun intended), but I also like my neck touched, and my back, and the sides of my buttocks, and my face, and … actually all of my body. But the thing that I like to be touched most of all is the thing that has been least touched for a very long time, and that is my mind.

2. What’s your dirtiest fantasy (is this a sensual question-who cares, I wanna know)?
To be fucked with my fantasy sex toy by a woman wearing a corset, stockings and opera gloves, all in purple rubber.

3. Do you masturbate to anyone’s blog? If yes, please feel free to share who’s.
I’ve jerked off whilst reading lot’s of blogs, but as most bloggers cover a range of subjects, I can’t say I always have a wank over any particular blogs. That said, Hyacinth’s Boobday got me hard just now and I shall doubtless be tugging myself off to it as soon as this is posted, and Alice Thierry knows all too well the damage she causes to the rain forest by regularly inspiring my excessive use of tissues.

4. What’s your best sensual “move”, in or out of the bedroom?
I don’t think I have a “move” outside the bedroom, if that means what’s my best seduction technique. It depends on the person I’m with and how they’re responding. So I guess my best moves are observation and response.
In the bedroom, I think the thing I do best (or it was the last time I was allowed to do it, more than a decade ago) is going down on woman. There is nothing about cunnilingus I do not love (except possibly getting a stiff neck), and the more I enjoy something, the more effort I put into it.

5. If you could have sex with anyone (aside from your spouse – that answer is boring) who would it be?
My ex, Fiona, because that was the best sex I’ve ever had. She was insatiable, imaginative, enthusiastic, generous, and utterly, utterly filthy. Yes, I’d dearly love to have sex with her again, and again, and again … and again. Then stop for a cup of tea, and then start all over again.

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done by your own standards?
Again that’s difficult. I’ve done a lot of things that would be regarded by many as kinky, but I don’t see them as fitting on a linear scale: is a butt plug kinkier than spanking, or golden shower kinkier than ball stretching? I really don’t know.

7. Favorite sensual bedroom item? Toys, food, oil…
I nearly said my CB6000s, but then re-read the question. I find rubber extremely sensual. Not the thick, black, restricting fabric that some fetishists enjoy, but the glamorous, colourful membrane that clings to every curve, simultaneously making you feel hot and cold, shiny and smooth, twisting the sensation of touch in a way that all but defies explanation.
And my favourite item? I used to have a pair of custom made latex driving gloves, though I can’t find them. I’ll just have to get another pair made. Arse!!!
Not that I ever get to wear rubber in the bedroom.

Bonus: Write an erotic paragraph including the following prompts: A stripper, a priest, raccoon, fly swatter, and lube.
The stripper had run out of lube and didn’t feel up to accommodating the priest‘s leviathan without it, so opted to give his member a good thrashing with the fly swatter. “Perhaps,” she thought, “if I beat it till it’s striped like a raccoon‘s tail he won’t get as hard as usual.”

6 Responses to “Sensual Blogger Award”

  1. Too bad about the rain forest! 😉

    I don’t know what to do with the raccoon. Happy Sunday AM!


  2. AM, your fictional paragraph is brilliant! “Leviathan”: love it!

    And I’m glad you’re still around! I e been wondering about you! xx Hy

  3. Thank you so much for answering the questions, I was excited to read the responses. As I mentioned in my post, I nominated your blog because it turns me on, so you definitely deserve it. I LOVED your paragraph, very creative!

  4. Oh, that slut Betty – she nominated you as well?!
    I like your writing style which is why I also nominated you for the Sensual Blogger Award – which I guess you may now check off as ‘done and dusted’! (And thanks for showing me how to write a simple yet effective paragraph, I totally failed that task)

  5. snowdrop17 Says:

    An infinitive dedicated to me…
    I’m honoured AM

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