Sensual Blogger Awards II – The Sequel

Oh this is just embarrassing!
Two nominations for the Sensual Blogger Award in just one week. This time courtesy of Her Secret Library. It’s very flattering, but please stop!

That said, as I’ve not posted much recently, responding to the respective questions is an easy way to keep my blog ticking over. So here are 7 more answers.

Questions provided by Her Secret Library.

1] Have you been nominated/won this Award before? (Discuss)
Yes. Just the other day.
I’m not really sure what to say other than thank you. I don’t really consider myself a writer and there are many far better then me kicking around WP.
And I don’t feel in a position to judge whether anything I do is sensual. I looked it up :
sen·su·al – (pron.: senSHo͞oəl) – adj : Of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, esp. sexual, pleasure: “the production of the ballet is sensual and passionate”.
That didn’t help me much in terms of knowing what defines a sensual blogger. I try to titillate and amuse, occasionally to rant: if that’s regarded by some as sensual, I am not unhappy.

2] Which song or songs put you in a sensual/sexual mood?
Although I am a dyed in the wool music junky, with a CD and vinyl collection that could rival a small record store, I don’t think music really flicks any sexual switches for me.

3] What type of movies (Hollywood) or videos (porn!) put you in a sensual/sexual mood?
Porn. Obviously.
What type? Something that doesn’t bother pretending to have a story, but something that is well shot with actors that look as though they’re really enjoying fucking, not just going through the motions for the camera. I’d like to find a rubberist movie which didn’t delve into the BDSM side of the fetish that seems to go hand in had with latex clothing so often, but rather that focussed on both it’s glamour and some food hard fucking … where actors that look as though they’re really enjoying fucking, not just going through the motions for the camera. Such second-skin flicks may well exist, but I’ve never come across them (or cum across them), though I confess I’ve never made much effort to find them.

4] What do you do to intitiate something sensual/sexual?
Pretty much nothing in the last decade. I gave up in the face of repeated rejection.

5] What’s the ONE thing guaranteed to kill your sensual/sexual mood stone dead?
Hearing words like no or stop or not there. (See #4.)

6] Is sensuality a male or female trait? (discuss!)
By definition (see #1), it’s both.

7] Name 2 public figures who you think would be sensual lovers (not necessarily hot fucks) and explain why.
Clarissa Dickson Wright – British TV chef.


Anyone who appreciates things like food as she does, probably knows a thing or two about sensuality. (For the record, I don’t find her sexually attractive.)

Barack Obama – the President of the USA (but hopefully you knew that, Dear Reader).


No matter what you think of him politcally, or his dancing ability, the look in Michelle’s eye speaks volumes! (And again for the record, I don’t find him sexually attractive either.)

Bonus: Write an erotic paragraph including the following prompts: masturbation, toys, voyeur, empty house, mirror ball…
The voyeur teetered on the top step of the ladder and peered in through the window. Although it outwardly seemed to be just an empty house, there had been rumors of debauched sex parties in town since the week the Police – Do Not Cross tape had been removed from it’s boundaries. In her gut, she knew this was the place. Squinting through the darkness, she could just make out the extensive selection of sex toys, drying neatly on a towel on the table, and from around the door bled the unmistakable flicker of a mirror ball. All the evidence she needed to confirm this was the Party House. Now all she had to do was find out how to get invited.

4 Responses to “Sensual Blogger Awards II – The Sequel”

  1. snowdrop17 Says:

    ‘extensive selection of sex toys, drying neatly on a towel’
    Sorry, just picked myself off the floor…are they in a neat line as well, organised according to length or width?

  2. Nice work, but you didn’t have to (you’d already just done one!) but thank you.
    If you’re having Barrack then I can gladly keep Michelle occupied while you’re busy.

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