Hey! There’s a hand in my pants

There’s a hand in my pants.
How did that get there? It’s not like its mine!
Actually, I’m not wearing any pants.
That makes a little more sense.
But it’s still not my hand.
What day is it?
Yes, it’s fucking relevant!
Ah yes, Saturday. Hmmm.
Ok, getting a hard-on.
I guess that’s not so surprising.
Oh yeah, that’s nice. Just a gentle stroke. A massage. Not a bad way to wake up, that’s for sure.
Oooh yeah …
Long, slow strokes.
Up and down.
Up and down.
Up and …
Hang on! Where am I?
Not sure.
It’s dark.
It’s comfortable.
Feels like a bed.
No, not a bed. A sofa.
Oooh god yesssss. She certainly knows how to handle a cock. How to make a cock happy. How to make it hard. With her slow, pumping hand.
It is a “she” isn’t it?
Fuck! I can’t tell.
Is it a “she”?
Is it?
What does the hand feel like? Is it soft or hard? It’s certainly … oooooh … it’s certainly strong! And the grip is … jeeeeez … tight. She definitely knows how to give a hand-job.
Maybe that’s because she is a he.
Maybe he’s got his own cock to practice with.
Got it! Last night was Friday.
Out for a drink with the lads.
Slamming Mezcal at the bar.
And swallowing the worm.
And Tony was off his face, and saying he’d like to swallow my worm.
Oh Jesus! It’s not Tony is it?
Damn that feels good. A bit rough with my foreskin, but it is good. He doesn’t need to rip it back quite so hard, but it’s definitely good.
It’s not that I don’t like Tony. He’s a great guy. But he’s really not my type. Considering he’s got a Y-chromosome. Even if it’s a lower case Y in a decidedly flamboyant font.
I really hope it’s not Tony. That would be difficult at work on Monday. Having to look your boss in the eye when he’s tossed you off at the weekend.
Or worse!
He’s not going to go down on me, is he?
Or ride me with his arse.
Not that, please! Way too complicated
Waaaay heeey! That’s a new wank technique. Never had that before. I’ll bet he’s rubbed more than a handful of guys to master his technique.
At least if he’s half as good with his hole as he is with his hands it’ll be one hell of a fuck.
It’s not Tony! Or at least I don’t know it’s Tony.
Or even if its a bloke.
Can’t tell from the hands.
What about the breathing? Is that a woman’s?
Ok. The breathing’s soft. Not rasping.
Still could be Tony though. He’s not exactly butch!
No, she’s too gentle. Too … smooth. Wrong tempo.
Gentle, worshipping strokes. Tip to base.
Over and over and over and …
Firm, confident fingers, wrapped round it.
Stroking not pounding.
No, not a guy. A guy would probably be thrashing away, hard and fast. Like I do.
Not slow like this.
Slow and deep.
Again and again and again and …
And that feels like hair.
Long hair. Against my thigh.
Soft hair, that’s been washed with conditioner.
Definitely a woman.
Friday night.
Friday night?
Friday night!
At the bar. After the Mezcal. The brunet with the bewitching tattoo peeping out of her cleavage. And the short skirt. And the Pretty Woman boots.
And the friendly smile.
And the friendly hands.
And the very very friendly tongue.
Ha ha! Yes!
Yes! That’s who spent half the evening grinding her crotch against me on the dance floor.
Yes! That’s who kept encouraging me to fondle those fascinatingly decorated tits.
Yes! That’s who I fell into a taxi with.
Yes! That’s who’s just started licking my helmet.
Yes! Yes! Oh fuckerty fuck yesyesyesyes!
Oh yes! Right there.
That’s the … that’s the … th … th-th-thaaaaaaat’s the spot.
Right round. Yes!
Round and round and fucking round!
Fuck me yes!
And down to my balls?
Ok. If she wants to.
And sucking on them?
Both of them?
If she muuuuuuuust!
Oh god yes!
I wish she’d …
Ok, she’s ahead of me there. Yeah, that’ll do nicely.
Thumb and fore-finger. Yep. Wrapped round. Definitely. Just above my balls. Uh-hu! And pull down on them while …
Oh fucking hell her mouth is hot!
Even her lips. Brushing up my shaft.
Closing over my aching glans.
Hot. And I don’t just mean sexy-hot.
Warm-hot too. Like her mouth is.
Yeah. That mouth.
That mouuuuuuth … uh! …
That mouth that’s sinking down my length
Did I mention hot?
Hot and wet and sucking all of me in.
And sucking.
And fuck no don’t take it out!
Don’t tease! That’s cruel.
Oh god, yes, that’s better. Hot again.
And cold.
And hot.
And cold.
And I wish she’d stop doing that. Just suck it.
Suck it good.
Oh fuck yeah like that.
Sucking is good.
Sucking hard.
Sucking surprisingly hard actually.
Sucking like a pro!
She’s not a pro, is she?
Am I expected to pay her to do the wild thing? Does she need 50 dollars…? It’d certainly be money well spent. Real value for money! I might not have banged her, but I’m definitely getting bang for my buck. God, I’m funny!
I wonder how much hookers charge?
I wonder how much I’ve got in my wallet?
I wonder where my wallet is?
Shit. Where’s my wallet?
Am I going to get robbed? You do hear stories. Is she just sucking me off while her massive angry pimp steals my cash card and heads straight for the ATM? When he finds my account is empty is he going to come back and beat the crap out of me before I’ve even cum?
Cum in her mouth.
Her hot, greedy, eager, sucking mouth.
No, she can’t be a hooker. She doesn’t even know I’m awake. She’s obviously enjoying this. I’m guessing she’s enjoying it nearly as much as I am. She obviously likes sucking cock. This isn’t a job. Thus is fun for her. She’s not a hooker.
Still don’t know where I am.
Other than deep in her mouth.
Kind of hard not to thrust back.
Not that I could get much deeper. Not when she’s got her hand on my arse like that. Pulling me up and into her face.
Actually that hand on my arse … a bit rough, you know. It’s the nails. Digging in.
And the other hand. Yeah, the one on the other side.
She could take it a bit easy with those nails.
Especially if she’s gonna spread my cheeks like that. She’s going to tear me another one if she pulls them any further apart.
Not that that mouth isn’t compensation. Licking my balls while my dick’s down her throat is a major league talent.
But mind the teeth – I don’t fancy the idea of oral castration!
That’s a bit … wooah there … err cheeky …
When did I say she could go anywhere near my arsehole?
Lots of nerves round your hole, or so they say. Well I caaaaaaaaaan definitely confirm thaaaaaat!
I’d pretty much expect this from Tony. And I wouldn’t even have been particularly surprised to be buggering this horny stunner this morning – it was quite obvious last night that she was going to be a dirty girl – but this is a little outside my comfort zooooooooooone!
Oh my!
That’s a bit presumptuous. I know I could have stopped her when she started tickling my ring. And I’m pleasantly surprised how good that feels, but She could at least ask before sticking a finger up …
Oh muma!!!!
… err … up my bum.
Not …
Really …
Sure …
What …
To ……
Say …
Other than …
Oh! That feels pretty good actually.
No. Not pretty good. That feels fucking amazing. Having my anus probed.
Having your back entrance … well … entered.
Yeah! That’s good. New, but very very very good.
There’s actually a wriggling finger right up my rectum an fucking hell it feels good. That’s a busy little finger. It’s almost as if she’s looking for something.
I think she just found it!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess that’s my P-spot.
So that’s what it feels like.
Holy hole fillers, Batman!
Kind of hard to breathe for a moment there.
Fuck me!
No really. Please! Fuck me. I want her to fuck me. Really fuck me!
To fuck me hard in the ass.
While she sucks hard on my cock.
And tugs hard on my nuts.
And fuck me … that agile little finger …
This isn’t gonna last much longer.
Come on yeah …
Fuck and finger and suck and pull …
Come on yeah harder …
Fuck and finger and suck and pull …
Come on yeah faster …
Fuck and finger and suck and pull …
Come on yeah deeper …
Cum on yeah
Cum on
Cum cum cum
Cum on you bastard cum
Fill her mouth with cum
… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
And she’s swallowing it all.
The dirty little thing.
Where’s she going?
She can’t just walk out the door like that!
I want to fuck her now.
I want to fill her cunt as full as she just filled her mouth.
She can’t just suck me dry and walk out without a word!
I don’t even know whose house thus is!
Or where my pants are.

10 Responses to “Hey! There’s a hand in my pants”

  1. CaptKitty Says:

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. Is it an open party?

  2. Haha. I like this so much. Especially the ending! =)

  3. What a nice journey to be on this morning, except the ending. I want more too.

  4. snowdrop17 Says:

    Go girl…

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