It’s been a while

NB This post was originally written about 2 or 3 months ago. Things have moved on a little, but this episode lays foundations for those yest to come.

I’ve woken several times in the last 3hrs, but managed to snooze on. If I get up now I can have an hour or so on my own, before the rest of the family stir.

I’m lying face down and She puts Her hand on my arm.
It’s too early to get up, so Her intent is obvious. Despite us not having been at all intimate in 5 months.

I feign sleep and wait for Her to give up.
She moves Her hand to my arse.
I turn onto my back and theatrically stretch my seized neck.
Her: Can I lean on anything?
Me: It’s alright. It’ll loosen up in time.
Her: Can I distract you?
I pause.
Oh well.
I acquiesce, and put my arm around Her shoulder.

She snuggles up, drapes a leg across me, pulls Her mound up against my thigh and reaches straight for my cock.
I consider letting it stay flaccid. I could. (Well, maybe not let it stay flaccid, but I wouldn’t take much thought to stop it getting hard. That I could certainly do.) But sometimes even my disinterest and resolve can be bettered.

I trace my fingers over Her lower back and buttocks noncommittally and almost straight away She climbs aboard. So much for foreplay!
I move my cock away from Her cunt before She can fill Herself, and reach both hands round behind Her and stroke Her inner thighs. She even tolerates two, maybe even three inauspicious stokes along Her snatch before decisively moving away from my hands and sinking down on my tool.

We fuck.

I confess I don’t make much effort – I’ve had more than enough of being told to move my hands from Her fun-bits before I’ve got to grips with them – but I still easily manage to make Her cum in 20 or 30 thrust. (No, I wasn’t counting, but I find it predictably easy to give her an orgasm. Maybe it was 35 thrusts.) I rub Her nipple as Her fireworks start but as soon as the Her incendiaries are fizzing She wriggles away from my hand.

Her head drops down onto my shoulder but She keeps bucking.

So I keep fucking.
Not with any commitment. It’s not a fuck to capture my interest.

She quickly reaches back for my balls. I knew She would, but I thought She’d wait a little longer.

I keep banging. Cos that’s all I’m doing. I’m going through the motions and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to cum. I don’t care. If anything I’d rather not.

Her: Are you going to get there.
Me: No.
Her: I need more practice.

She dismounts and snuggles up. I stare at the ceiling and contemplate my escape. She falls asleep on my shoulder.

Eventually I detach myself and go downstairs for breakfast.
Without a hint of irony, Siouxsie Sioux is on the radio singing Happy house.

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