It’s just a case of what you want

Uncommonly the family allowed us a lie in this morning. And as my half sleeping mind convinced me I was wandering round a chip shop, trying to find some tartare sauce, with my erect member twitching away like a frog’s leg in a high school  biology experiment, my Wife took hold of my dick and started stoking it vigorously.

Or maybe She didn’t. That’s the funny thing about dreams, especially when you’re in that half awake, half asleep state. I have no idea whether She did or not. It’s entirely possible that She did, but as I was asleep and dreaming about haddock, chips and pickled gherkins, I didn’t respond, so She gave up. Or maybe I just dreamed about it.

For what it’s worth it, if She had, unusually for current times, I’d probably have let Her tug away, and encouraged Her to suck me off. Fuck knows my dick was hard, and I’d kill for a decent blow job right now. And where better to cum than in my Wife’s mouth? (Actually, yes, there are at least a couple of better holes into which I’d like to drain my turgid nads, but you know what I mean Dear Reader.)

My gut tells me it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

When I was properly awake, we exchanged brief words, and She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. As you know only to well, Regular Reader, that’s often a precursor to Her trying to initiate sex. Well I really can’t be bothered with that at the moment, so as soon as She returned to the bedroom and sat back down on the bed, I got up and headed for the bathroom, my tool so engorged that it wasn’t even bouncing as I walked – just pointing resolutely skyward.

If only my hand wasn’t busted at the moment, I would have had a good hard wank in the shower. Still, She’s away on business for a few days next week, so not only am I seizing the opportunity to get my pubes waxed, I expect I shall also be fucking my Fleshlight twice daily and donning rubber underwear. At least I’ll know that’s real.

6 Responses to “It’s just a case of what you want”

  1. er, what have you done to your hand? over exercised it?
    (ceasing or seizing? would have a different result)

  2. there is something SO real in what you’re talking about – it’s life, it’s heartbreak, it’s real, it’s also spirited, honest, and gritty – life is good…in some bizarre way from a strange perspective of the galaxy. Damn- ” it wasn’t even bouncing as I walked – just pointing resolutely skyward” sounds quite delicious!! Keep that rebel alive!

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