Twice-a-day-for-a-week challenge: Day 2

After yesterday’s decision to try to cum twice a day for the whole week, I though that being the gorgeous perverts you all are, Dear Readers, you might like an update after the first 10 hours.

For a while, the lack of sexual motivation I alluded to yesterday looked as though it might stop me getting the show on the road. As I dispatched my post last night, I was tired, and quite frankly I couldn’t really be bothered. But I quickly received a response form Jayne which got me a bit more in the mood, and after a quick flick through the web pages of Like My Nude Body and a simple Bing search for images of fucking, my cock was hard, twitching, and dripping with pre-cum.

So off to the bedroom, out with the Fleshlight, off with my clothes, momentarily admire my freshly waxed erection in the mirror (did I not mention I got waxed yesterday?), lube up my shaft, slip it in to the sumptuous silicone snatch, grind away for a couple of minutes, and fuck me it felt good, and … oh bollocks, that’s another message from Jayne. I suppose I’d better reply.

I was loving the feeling of pumping my plastic pussy so much that I really didn’t want to stop, and it was quite challenging to keep thrusting whilst typing on my smartphone with one hand. Eventually I did manage to reply to Jayne, despite the compelling distraction of watching my swollen tool slide in and out of my imitation muff, and after having to slow to hold back my climax a couple of times, I put the phone down and gleefully banged away till I drained my balls.

A very satisfying orgasm, I can assure you!

It would have been easy, and preferable, to roll over and go straight to sleep but, as mentioned, the necessary sex toy cleansing session regrettably broke the narcotic spell, and when I eventually climbed back into bed, my mind raced around all the issues which are causing me most stress at the moment. It took me over an hour to get to sleep.

So come the this morning, again, I really wasn’t in the mood for a wank. But having woken the household, made breakfast, packed lunches, done the school run, tidied the kitchen, etc etc, and just before I readied my self for a few precious hours of work, I got my trusty Fleshlight out again, lube it up, stroked my member to attention, and aimed it at the willing fuck hole.

With the fake fanny(UK) propped up on the rolled up bedding, I stood astride at the end of the bed and thrust away, enjoying the ridged interior of the Wonderwave sleeve …


… as it rippled across the sensitive edge of my helmet. My stress levels were a little higher than usual, so it was verging on an angry fuck, but accomplice was perfectly happy to have my cock forcefully hammered into it.

It took significantly longer to cum than last night, and although the hormonal high was just as good, unsurprisingly I didn’t have nearly as much jizz so spill.

So, clean up my toy and my tool, slip on my camouflage print, package enhancing, micro thong, make a cup of tea, and here I am, updating to you before settling down to a productive few hours of work with a clear and contented mind.

I think I might just enjoy this week!
See you in a few hours, fellow wankers.

17 Responses to “Twice-a-day-for-a-week challenge: Day 2”

  1. I just dropped the kids off for a playdate and I’m headed home for Round Two, I’m thinking some anal teasing is in order. Thanks for the update…looking forward to hearing about your kinky toy. 😉

  2. This was so hot I want to go buy a fleshlight for my hubby and a nanny cam.

    And waxed? Okay twist my arm, how do I get your password? grrr 😉

  3. […] this morning (after dropping the kids off at a playdate), I read Day 2 of AM’s Challenge and was ready for Round 2 myself.  I was feeling particularly frisky and knew my ass should be […]

  4. You do have fun when the chips – or pants are down AM! And – SERIOUSLY, what the heck are you answering a text whilst in the middle of pumping away?? Reading this post, I felt like I opened the door on you! hahaha. BUT – LOOK HOW DEDICATED you are! You are a professional. Not only can you handle the sensations but you can keep it going while handling your fans!! I did have my own session last night but putting that much attention had a negative affect immediately after and I’m out. I have another issue I’m dealing with that I think is weighing on my mind so I didn’t get off this morning. Oh well, there’s always another beginning!

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