Twice-a-day-for-a-week challenge: Day 4

As you know, Dear Reader, partly at the root of my current wank-athon is an attempt to rekindle my enthusiasm for masturbation. I love jerking off. I am in little doubt it is good for my state of mind. And in the absence of a sex life with anyone else, it’s pretty much the closest I get to a decent fuck more than once a year.

Why do I reiterate this on day 4? Because my challenge is becoming just that. A challenge.

Although day to day hurdles prevented me from stroking one off during the day yesterday, despite not really having my heart in it, I did tug myself off last night. But I didn’t really care. If I’m honest, last nights wank was a bit like most of the sex I’ve had in the last … well … I was going to say 18 months, but actually it’s probably a lot longer than that. There was a sense of obligation. Of wanting to get it over and done with. Wank … cum … roll over … go to sleep.

Which is pretty much what I did.

I just fucked my hand last night, not my Fleshlight, and considering my recent injury, with the prospect of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, I dare say I’ll regret that in the next 24hrs.

Back when I embarked on my 7 Day Celibacy Challenge, I ended up feeling a degree of obligation to my readers. But I’ve not made that mistake this time. Nearly, but not quite. No, this time I’m not letting go of the fact that I’m jerking off for me. I might have been thinking about a couple of you, Dearest Perverts, and plunging into your wanton cunts, mouths and arses, as I’ve been thrashing away at my member, but this was just about me. Selfish, I know, but so is blogging. Fuck it!

But back to reality. And again this morning, reality will probably stand between me and an orgasm, but at least I’ve cum 5 times in about 48hrs (have I counted correctly – I’m not sure), and I can’t complain about that.

2 Responses to “Twice-a-day-for-a-week challenge: Day 4”

  1. Hello there friend, hey, I thought of another good thing you got to do besides cum and that is wear your cute underwear. That has to be fun and I’m sure you look great. I’m glad you don’t feel obligation to finish or to others – definitely not me because you’re right, this is for you and you alone. Being along on your honest journey is a gift in my mind. Where else can I get the feeling that there are other people living through L I F E – real life with real emotions, problems and through you, I see that problems are not unsurmountable. I know – shut up already, this is about wanking. You’re a great guy AM. Thanks for writing whenever you do. Jayne

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