Show me the money shot

A couple of times when I’ve watched porn recently I’ve been surprised by the male stud’s performance. Or rather, lack of performance.

In one case, an apparently well known porn star was pumping away at one end of a spit roasting scene. His cock was impressively sized (I’d estimate a good 9″ long and, jusdging by the way the female star’s cunt was stretched around it, a very healthy girth) but to my mind, he never really seemed to get hard. His cock was never rigid, never pointed skyward, was always drooping when he pulled out of her cunt to slap his todger across her arse, and it definitely needed a guiding hand to persuade it back into her hole.

In the other, although the male star again had an enviably large dick (not so large that it couldn’t be enveloped entirely within the proffered pussy, but certainly too big to fit in the mouth of all but the most expert deep throater), when he finally shot his load, it was merely a single, diminutive volley of cum that landed no more than a cock’s length from his knob.


Now I’m no porn star, I’m certainly not hung like an horse, but at least my erection can raise itself well past the yard arm, it’s rigid enough to penetrate a gloriously snug snatch without flexing, and if I pull out of my partner for the money shot, I can usually expect to spray several good wads of jizz at least as far as her tits, if not her chin.

Maybe my taste in porn is different to most people’s. Maybe images of a limp, dribbling dick makes those jerking off feel better about their own cocks. Maybe porn is actually designed to make men feel better about their own inadequacies.
Or maybe I’m in the wrong business. Maybe I should offer my services to Vivid or Private as a stunt cock.

11 Responses to “Show me the money shot”

  1. A “diminutive volley of cum,” is better than no cum at all! πŸ˜‰

    Big Bisous,

    PS: Career change in the future?

    • Agreed, but surely a copious stream is better than a diminutive volley? I want to see people cumming hard.

      And no, as much as I suspect I’d enjoy life as a stunt cock, I think it might be far too complicated in the current climate.

      Hope you’re well and enjoying some cock.

    • When I read this the first time, I thought you had written, “Hope you are wet,” which I am almost always…which would come in handy if I was a porn-star, in spite of my extremely late puberty (can it happen at 45? Today IS my birthday by the way!) and lack of cup-size.

      I need to catch up on your life/marriage/hard-on.

      Oh, I am! πŸ™‚

    • Well happy birthday! Have a really good rub at your clit, until your fingers cramp up and your knees buckle, and consider it a gift from me.

    • Thanks AM!!!

  2. Ha! Dare I ask how old you are? Or age bracket?
    It’s all downhill from 14, ya know?! (That’s why cougars prefer younger men). My voluminous arc ain’t what it used to be… πŸ˜‰

  3. […] The Accidental Masturbator complained recently about the lack of a decent money shot in today’s Β porn. I made the comment on his post that […]

  4. As I had mentioned (In an earlier post) I was in Los Angeles for 3 weeks. During my visit I stayed with my Very Dear Friends of over 30 years. We stayed up all night and early morning watching and critiquing pornographic movies. Yes I agree with you. Some of the male were quite well endowed, and yet hd no real hard ridged erections. That’s why my girlfriend and I were watching them in the First Place. We “came” (no pun intended) to the conclusion that Thank G_D for Viagra, because after all the cocaine they must have used prior to a scene, the cocaine must have been affecting their erections, either that or the use of alcohol. I must also throw my 2 cents in about the woman. Although quite beautiful, their breast augmentations did not have a natural appearance. (Major Turn Off)
    The only scene’s that really turned us on were either Female on Female Cunnilingus, or Male to Female Cunnilingus. We ended up watching a lot of 80’s porn, and that was more realistic minus all the hairy cocks & pussies. That era was not like today with waxing. Don’t get me wrong I Like a nice smooth Cock or Pussy against my mouth, and against my tongue. I don’t relish pulling pubic hair out of my mouth or off my tongue. Although I do Worship Cock, I also Love Pussy too : ).
    Your Friend,

    • I agree completely about fake tits. I’m not particularly a fan of big tits for a start, but implants just look wrong. Ok, I’d quite like to get to play with a pair, but that’s really just curiosity.

      I’ve not really seen many 80s skin flicks, though I was tossing myself off over high street jazz mags twice daily for most of the decade. I’d be curious to track some down … though I suspect the bushes would put me off. Any recommendations?

    • Perhaps while visiting your local adult book store you may consider asking if they have 80’s or 90’s genre. With some of the “well known actors” like John Holmes, Nina Hartley (she’s one of my Favourites). Since the porn industry has changed there are a variety of genre to choose from. I remember a particular company called “Home Grown” it consisted of everyday folks filming themselves and sending it in. No fancy scenery,furniture or hair and make up. I’m not sure if they are still available. The next time I go to the bookstore I will check it out and let you know if its available here in Fl.

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