Women I’ve slept with – Pt 10 – Ep2 : Boyfriend?

When we left at the end of Women I’ve slept with – Pt10 – Ep 1 : My vampire diary, Dear Reader, my colleague, Sarah, had just sucked her own pussy juices off my fingers in the middle of a dance floor at a goth themed night club.

Well the of the rest of the evening kept pretty much to that theme, and as the lights came up, we fell out into the street, soaked in alcohol, bodily fluids and endorphins. Heading towards a taxi rank, we stumbled down the alley next to a church to continue snogging and groping. Even though the side of the building was floodlit and covered by CCTV, I’d have happily fucked Sarah against the wall, but she had a slightly more sensible head on and gently halted our progress.


But having made it back to the main road and into a cab, our fumblings started again. We were sat opposite each other, with my back to the driver, shielding us from his view, but he still probably had an idea what was going on. What was going on was that we were enthusiastically groping each others crotches. Albeit through fabric.

By the time we reached her flat, we had calmed ourselves down. I was invited in, and offered the couch to sleep on, but I decided to head home. I’d had one hell of a night, and felt no need to rush things, seeing as I wasn’t invited into bed.

Often, in the wake of such encounters with colleagues, the next day at work is awkward and the working dynamic is significantly degraded, but for Sarah and me, nothing changed. We still flirted, still went for lunch, and still produced excellent work together. And we still went on bike rides.

The third or fourth time we rode down to the coast, as we sat surveying the waves, wrapped in each other’s arms, Sarah finally told me who Harvey was. Doubtless, Dear Reader, you figured this out from the start, but having been sexually and emotionally encouraged as I had been, I was increasingly unprepared for the news that Sarah and Harvey had been a couple for several years. I was stunned into silence by this news, and felt myself emotionally recoiling from her in an instant. I was confused and disappointed in no small measure. As we went home, my riding style was considerably more aggressive – I was angry and I needed to burn petrol and rubber to vent my confusion somehow, even if I could not vent it at Sarah.

That’s not to say Sarah backed off in the wake of this revelation, and after a while I got used to the idea. As far as I knew, Harvey was oblivious to his girlfriend’s extracurricular activities. We still went for lunch together, went on bike rides together, and we went clubbing a couple more times, though our behavior was slightly more restrained on these occasions. That’s not to say we didn’t snog and fondle, and this was nearly our undoing.

A couple of days after one such night of sleazy hip grinding, I got a phone call from Sarah to say a long standing friend of Harvey’s had been at the club the same night as we had: it was possible we had been seen. We needed to play it cool. Thankfully, despite both our concerns, and a few weeks of lying low, nothing came of this, but for me there was an increased sense of having to tread carefully.

That’s not to say we never got to fuck Indeed we all but planned the first occasion together. Sarah came round to my flat for dinner, and on some levels it almost felt like a trade agreement. When she arrived, we had a welcome snog and a quick grope, before Sarah pulled away and said we should eat first.
I cooked.
We ate.
And then we went to the bedroom.
Where we played for a good couple of hours.

Having said Sarah was lightly built, that was a slight understatement. She was no more than 5ft tall and, whilst she wasn’t skinny, it took no effort for me to pick her up, turn her round, flip her over, do what I wanted with her body. And she reveled in it.

If she’d been fun with her clothes on, she was even more fun with them off. and there was fun to be had with her body form as well. Her tits were barely A-cup, but her nipples were really pronounced, and I must have been able to nibble on nearly an inch of erect buds. And her pussy was no different – her inner lips were the longest I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. I was fascinated with them, stroking them, pinching them, pulling them out still further, or apart, sucking them deep into my mouth and then, finally, enjoying the glorious sight of them divided by my cock. Her small frame meant her hole was fantastically tight, and even with my average sized dick, she squeezed me expertly with her undulating muscles. As I ground into her doggy style, watching her labia trail along my length, and twisted her nipples, I whispered in her ear “I want to do unspeakable things to you.” I don’t really know what I meant by that, I was just sort of talking dirty, and I wasn’t prepared for her follow up: “Come on then. What do you want to do to me?” I had nothing specific in mind, rather I just knew I wanted to have utterly uninhibited, wanton, dirty sex with her in every way imaginable. It was only a few weeks since I’d last fucked Fiona, (Sarah knew this, as did Tania and Fiona, who both not only knew the state of play between Sarah and me, but were actively encouraging) and I’d had the pleasure filling Fiona’s arse with my jizz. Thinking on my feet (or rather my knees) I found inspiration from Sarah’s buttocks, parted as they were before me. “I want to fuck you in the arse.” And I really did want to. But she explained that she’d tried anal before, and even with a cock smaller than mine, had found it too tight for comfort.

Still, that wasn’t going to stop us, so I turned her over, hoisted her legs over my shoulders and hammered into her fantastic cunt till she couldn’t stop giggling and thrashing about from her orgasm. I had to keep her climaxing for several minutes so I could shoot my load in her whilst she was still cumming, before we both collapsed breathless and high as kites. As we did, Sarah casually said “I knew you’d be good in bed – you’re a good dancer and a good kisser.” Never having been particularly comfortable with compliments, I had no reposte, but my ego swelled.

Then we showered and dressed, I put her on the back of my bike and took her home to her boyfriend. It was quite an odd scenario when I look back at it.

To say that getting to fuck Sarah cost me dinner could lead to a misunderstanding our relationship. It was never so calculating, and a few weeks later the tables were turned. She phoned me at work with a small project that she needed turned round quickly when my boss had told her department it couldn’t be done. I theatrically sucked my teeth:
Me : Whhhffff … you want this done unofficially?
Her : Would you do that for me?
Me : I could. But it’ll cost you.
Her : [with a slight giggle] What will it cost me?
Me : For that timescale, hmmm … at least a blow job.
Her : [playing along in a business like tone] I’m sure that can be arranged.
Me : And I’ll need you to swallow.
Her : If you can get it done in time that doesn’t seem unreasonable.
I’d have done the job for her anyway, and she knew it. And she would almost certainly have blown me too, but games like this are always enjoyable.

A week or two later, having cooked Sarah supper again, I was reclining on my bed, naked from the waste down, with Sarah knelt between my legs, her fingers wrapped around my shaved balls, and her mouth gliding up and down on my shaft. As I sensed my imminent eruption, I officiously reminded her of the due fee. In response, she sank her mouth further down onto my tool and she pulsed her sucking rhythmically till I bucked and flooded her throat with my seed. She swallowed dutifully, but was obviously a little unprepared as I kept pumping thick wads into her mouth. When my balls were finally drained and Sarah came up for air, she grinned, licked her lips, and told me I was one of the heaviest cummers she’d ever sucked off, and that I tasted better than many too. I can’t comment on the latter point (it may well have just been flattery), but it was not the first time I’d been told something similar about the volume of semen I produce. Then she brushed her teeth, I got dressed, put her on the back of my bike and took her home to her boyfriend. (Did I mention it was an dd scenario?)

This was one of the last times Sarah and I had sex, but we still hung out and still had occasional bike rides. On one particularly flirtatious trip, I discovered the joys of reaching back between my pillions legs and groping her whilst we rode. Technically this probably wasn’t very safe, but as the roads were quite empty, and it was Sarah that was likely to have an orgasm, not me, vehicular control was of slightly less concern than pleasuring my passenger. I don’t think anyone has ever enjoyed riding with me quite as much.


Eventually Sarah announced she and and Harvey were contemplated emigrating to his native country; I took this news remarkably well, considering how enthralled I was by her, but the relationship cooled off in the months after that. There wasn’t any sex, except for the occasional fondle, but we still saw each other, both socially and professionally. A few weeks before Sarah and Harvey finally packed their bags, she and I were sat in the park, and she told me how she had told her best friend (also in the country she was moving to) all about me.
Her : I told Kerry about you.
Me : What did you tell her?
Her : I told her you were a good kisser.
… and then she giggled and pecked me on the cheek. Considering her earlier comment about kissing, dancing, and fucking, it was obvious what she’d actually told Kerry. And again my ego felt suitably massaged.

The night before Sarah left the country she arranged a leaving party at a bar in town, to which I was invited. But as I looked round the room, Sarah’s was the only face I recognized and sticking around would have involved being happy and sociable with strangers. This was not the farewell I wanted, so I handed Sarah her bon voyage card, kissed her on the cheek, and walked off to hide, and lick my wounds in the dark, night time folds of the city.

Sarah and I exchanged a few emails over the next year or so, but we had had our fun and real life had to carry on. She and Harvey got married (I believe at a drive through in Vegas) and I have not heard from her since. My last email went unanswered, but at least I could at least find solace between Tania‘s and Fiona‘s legs, and almost too shortly after that, I started dating my Wife.

2 Responses to “Women I’ve slept with – Pt 10 – Ep2 : Boyfriend?”

  1. How do you remember all the details – keep a diary?

  2. What a great story. Can I have a bike ride? haha

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