Dirty movies

Following on from (My) If I was a porn star … I need your help, Dear Reader. I need your recommendations for two things:

  • dirty movies
  • and almost dirty movies

Let me explain …

It’s no secret that I like porn. Or at least I’ve not made a secret of it from you, Dear Reader, or to my exes. Just to all my friends, my family … and my Wife. I’d love to watch a hardcore porn movie whilst fucking my Wife and, even more, I’d love Her to watch a hardcore porn movie whilst fucking me. But most importantly, I’d love her to get off on it. But I know, despite what I suspect is negligible exposure to porn, and for numerous reasons, She is not remotely keen on the art form.

So I’m in search of movie recommendations. In reverse order …

Almost dirty movies

We have a Lovefilm subscription, and although I know they don’t carry porn movies, I’m sure there must be some really good sex scenes amongst their titles. I want to add a film to our list that we are both interested in watching, and that at the very least turns me on sufficiently that I’m not going to  be able to stand up from the sofa without my Wife noticing a certain tentage in my trousers. And this is where you come in, Dear Reader.

What is the sexiest mainstream movie you have seen?
What is the horniest, most explicit sex scene you have seen in a mainstream movie?
What mainstream movies have you seen with lots of sex scenes?

What ever the movie I pick, needs to be a good movie. A good script, good acting, well directed, well shot, and preferably well thought of by critics. If it’s won an Oscar or two, even better. It needs to be the antithesis of even the biggest budget skin flick in every way. Every way except the sex, that is.

The sex needs to be entirely consensual. (A while back we saw the original Swedish version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and whilst the anal / sex toy scene was definitely of interest to me on a pervy level, the fact that it was non-consensual meant it wasn’t remotely erotic for either of us.) If it’s female initiated sex, even better. And it needs to be considerably more sexual than Sharon Stone just crossing her legs.


So, Dear Reader, what movies have hardened your cocks and moistened your pussies?

To date, my research has put The Unbearable Lightness of Being at the top of my list, though this scene from Burn After Reading certainly thrusts it firmly into second place.


But can you point me at any other almost dirty movies?

Which brings me to my second search: a question specifically for my female readers …

Dirty movies

And I mean properly dirty movies. R18, no holds (or holes) bared, hard core pornography. Close ups. Cum shots. Screaming orgasms. The lot. But porn that appeals to women. (I should add that really it needs to be heterosexual porn, as I have learned from some of my female readers that gay male porn is often a turn on for women.) My guess is that female-centric porn is more often directed by women, but I can only guess at what the subtle distinctions are here. I’m curious. Educate me.

(The other minor factor is that I need to be able to get hold of it on Region 2 (or Region 0) DVD.)

6 Responses to “Dirty movies”

  1. Difficult question. My personal fav would be Dangerous Liaisons probably more erotic than dirty though. Lots of hot sex scenes in corsets (though not explicit in any way), deflowering of a virgin with a very erotic scene where he uses her as a writing table, that scene may get your trousers tenting. Definitely a film to get your wife in the mood and the costumes/locations are stunning but stop before the sad end as that will kill the mood. Shame John Malkovich is the lead, great actor but not sexy enough for the role. And no clips on YouTube other than trailers. You probably hate historical dramas though, erotic or otherwise…

    Will think about Q2.

  2. The Lover – Set in 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man. He’s not really “older” – except to her – she’s 15? Actually, while watching, he seems young and she seems older. I’m not sure your wife would like this – subject wise. She’s a virgin and enjoys the erotic one of the most erotic scenes is when he just tries to touch her hand in the car. She is willing and wanting to experience him / sex. Scenes and the narration is hot…but there is one scene where he’s forceful but – you know what, you have to see it first to know – It’s a well made movie with a great love story and she isn’t demeaned but it’s graphic.

    • For some reason I didn’t find that film erotic, maybe it was the older man…

    • I think I did because he really wasn’t an “older man” to me but moreso because of her perspective and approach to sexuality…with her narration. He was a bit of a child really. She seemed more mature than him. : ) It’s a different kind of movie but the ending was very touching – I thought. Did you have a suggestion for AM?

    • I liked your suggestion too. There isn’t a lot in that one though. in my opinion.

    • Seen The Draughtsman’s Contract? (yet more corsets)
      Bit of a confusing film being Greenaway but I seem to remember a hot scene in the orangery/summer house/laundry/wherever

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