Gutter press

You can’t beat the British tabloid press for hypocritically whipping up anger amidst the baying masses. For those of you outside the UK, Dear International Reader, The Sun is one of the best selling toilet papers … sorry, typo … newspapers on the British news stands. It is part of Mephistopheles Inc … sorry, another typo … the Murdoch empire and is probably best known for it’s Page 3, where models get their tits out to illustrate the impeccable journalistic standards to which the rag has always adhered.

Yesterday they ran with the front page headline …


(… well you can’t fault them on their use of alliteration …) and continued with …

A £140-an-hour hooker yesterday claimed Boris Johnson ’ s transport chief paid her for sex behind his wife’s back during a nine-month fling. Rachael Grundy said she had weekly sessions with Sir Peter Hendy, 60 …

Firstly, just to clarify a couple of things for non UK readers :
Boris is Boris Johnson, London’s controversial mayor.
Bus boss is a reference to the fact that the mayor is controversially replacing the controversial bendy buses introduced in London by his controversial predecessor.
Brass is a British euphemism occasionally used to refer to prostitutes.

Now I shall get to the point …

I really don’t care about some high paid executive hiring a hooker and getting his jollies behind his wife’s back unless he is simultaneously trying to make prositution illegal. And since the public servant in question is in the Transport Dept, I doubt that’s the case.
And I’m not really interested in trying to undermine the political system with salacious tittle tattle.
I am, however, deeply offended by Emma Foster and Miranda Prynne (the “journalists” to which the article is attributed) occupying incredibly shaky moral high ground when their toilet paper … sorry, same damned typo … newspaper sells itself by sexualising women on a daily basis.

But what I object to most, is the mock horror taht someone who earns £660k (pa) is paying £140 (ph) for a fuck. How much do they think it costs to hire an escort for an hour in London?

Well if the rates of the first 10 escorts to come up on the Adult Work website are anything to go by, the average rate for an hour’s sex in central London is £167. And that’s for in-calls. Out-calls are significantly more expensive. So if he’s only paying £140, by my reckoning, Boris’s brass bonking bus boss is getting a bloody bargain.

Now I’ve not read the whole article (I can’t bring myself to buy the fetid rag and can’t be arsed to wade through numerous cookie tracking clicks on it’s sister website) but I sincerely hope that, when Foster and Prynne have thoroughly expounded on their diligent investigation into the validity of Ms Grundy’s claims, they go on to malign Sir Hendry for paying her such a pittance.

Underpaid prostitutes? Now that is a scandal!

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  1. Lol, and imagine I do miss this awful paper now when I moved away from the UK 🙂

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