It was an odd morning

It was an odd morning.
I woke about 20min before the alarm clock crashed into the day.
As ever, my hand found it’s way down to my crotch.
Somewhat unusually I didn’t have an erection. Not unheard of, but easily remedied.
I toyed with my cock briefly, then moved to my balls.
My sack was satisfyingly relaxed.
And yet I didn’t feel remotely horny.
I didn’t get a hard-on.
I didn’t feel like having a wank.
Sure, I’d had a fumble. I’d thought about sex. I’d thought about jerking off.
But I wasn’t interested.
There was nothing else particularly on my mind. No specific stresses or concerns.
I can’t remember the last time I woke up and didn’t even feel like pleasuring myself.
It was an odd morning.
A very odd morning.

6 Responses to “It was an odd morning”

  1. Odd mornings happen.

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