Going off grid

I may be going off grid for a while. I thought I should tell you and explain why, Loyal Reader, rather than just disappearing.

For many years, if I had nothing particular to think about, other than work, cooking, socialising, or saving the rain forest, I would invariably end up thinking of one of two things: sex, or Project X.


Then one day, circumstances changes and there was no choice but to moth-ball Project X.

Project X is something that I invested a huge amount of time and passion in, and even a significant amount of money, but to quote The Stones, you can’t always get what you want.  So Project X has been gathering dust, both metaphorically and literally, for about 3 years. And with that out of the window, my single default cognitive setting was sex … which is how you and I, Best Beloved, have ended up sharing the same corner of the internet.

Then a couple of weeks ago, as I was besieged by the general crap of normal life, and the spiralling malaise of mundanity, I found myself yearning for change. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I needed something, and I knew it needed to be big. Through a twist of fate, I was reminded of Project X.

And yes, Project X is back. Not literally, yet, but wheels are in motion. I can’t guarantee Project X will ever realise its full potential, after all it has existed in one form or another for more than a decade. But it promises to give me a degree of purpose that is sorely needed, and it is something I sincerely believe I can achieve. Even in the first few days of giving it some real thought, of starting to put things in place, I have had a greater sense of fulfilment than I have for quite some time.

It’s going to take a shed load of focus and effort, just as sex-blogging has done for nearly two years. And herein lies the rub. As much as I enjoy blogging, at times it has been a bit of an albatross. As those of you who blog regularly will know, it takes a lot of time to write a post that you’re really happy with (I have often found myself posting a blog entry and wondering where the hell the last 4 or 5 hours have gone) and there have been occasions when this has all just got in the way of … well, got in the way of other stuff. Important stuff.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s been fun, not least having y’all along for the ride – and I’m not pulling the plug on my blog completely. But already I am finding that when I’m not cleaning the bathroom or trying to figure out how to fix the worlds socio-economic problems, my mind keeps wandering back to Project X, rather than sex.

To be fair, Project X has the potential to grind me into the ground with frustration but, for the forseeable future at least, I expect it to be where I focus my efforts.

That said, I could well be back next week.

Love to you all, you glorious pervs. Keep fiddling and fucking. And I may “see” you soon … or not.



8 Responses to “Going off grid”

  1. v intriguing…
    will miss your perviness 😉

  2. Confessions of Your Husband's Mistress Says:

    Good luck! I hope the wheels keep moving in the right direction.

  3. This sounds so great. I’m inspired to see you facing a new horizon, it fortifies all of the positive sayings out there. You’re a smart, funny, beautiful and sexy man to me. I’m sure if I watched you, knowing the things you’ve been so gracious and daring to reveal, that I would be squirming in my chair just for a taste that you wouldn’t give me. You’re a man of power. I know you won’t believe a word I say so read it a second time and go off and have fun with Project X I always thought that your marital circumstances do not define you. It’s just where you happen to focus at the moment. I wish you all the best AM. I truly do. a loving fan, Jayne

  4. Dear A.M.,
    I’m delighted for you. Please know We Will Miss You while you are gone. I Wish You All The Very Best with you Project X.
    Your Friend,

  5. Best of luck, sweet AM! I’ll be checking on you!

  6. Very informative post about Project X. It’s true because frustration is a form of poorly expressed anger. Frustration is about expecting the world and its inhabitants to be a certain way.

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