It’s been about a month since I ejaculated my thoughts onto your computer screen, Dear Reader, and I confess I’ve missed blogging just a little. I still can’t say when I’ll be back to enjoy you all properly, you beautiful,  filthy, lascivious perverts, but I thought you might like a quick update. (Yes, I’m sure a quick fuck would be better, but you’ll have to sort that out for yourselves.)

Project X is starting to form nicely. But you don’t care about that, because it’s got nothing to do with the Holy Trinity of cocks, cunts and cum.

What might interest you is that I’ve had my cock in my Wife’s cunt twice in two days, although neither of us came as a result.

The other thing that might interest you is that, for the moment at least, I’m on a mission to rejuvenate our sex life. Fuck it! what’s to loose?

I’m afraid I don’t have time to fill you in on the details just now, but keep an eye on my tweets (either with my the Twatter feed on the right of my home page, or by following me on Twatter itself) and I’ll try to keep you up to date.

And finally, having had my dick in my Wife’s pussy twice without shooting my load, and aiming to give Her gorgeous twat a good pounding at least twice a week for the foreseeable future (I know, I know, that’s more than a little optimistic, but work with me for fuck sakes!!!), I’m trying not to toss myself off. So yes, you guessed it, my balls are aching to be drained!

(Oh how I’ve missed blogging. It gets me so horny, and I love that! Maybe I should aim to blog twice a month.)

16 Responses to “Twice”

  1. Sorry about your balls but at least you are suffering for the good reason, and, you’re getting laid! I’m so excited!

    Dawn, pervert and chronic masturbator, official member of the AM Fan Club

  2. Go AM!
    Glad to hear the bedroom ‘situation’ is being resolved somewhat, whereas I am heading in distinctly the opposite direction – towards a nunnery I suspect.

    And as I refuse to join the twatter world I won’t get any of your updates, c’est la vie…

  3. Yay for cocks in cunts!

  4. Dear A.M.,
    It is wonderful to hear from you. I’m Ecstatic that you have rejuvenated your sex life WHOA! Looking forward to your next posting : )

  5. Out of all the posts in my reader, yours is the one I read first because I hope you’re doing really well! I do want to hear about your Project X but I know it’s private. I’m glad you’re still blogging, even once a month – whatever you do, Take care, Jayne

    • Thank you. It’s always nice to know you’re still reading.
      (For what it’s worth, [i]Project X[/i] isn’t private per se, just irrelevant to my blog.)

    • I know you kept it private when you first mentioned it. I don’t have you categorized as only a sex blogger so I think your project is relevant to your readers. It’s interesting to know other things about you too. I’m glad it’s going well because you mentioned you had been holding onto it for years. That in itself is really inspiring. Hey, maybe it’s changed your mind on going after sex…?? weirder things have happened! Jayne

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