Twice the detail

After teasing you, Dear Reader, with news of me getting my end away over the last couple of days, I felt a little guilty about not filling you in with all the graphically pornographic details. So…


About half an hour before the alarm clock was due to spoil the morning, Her hand found it’s way, under the duvet, to my thigh.

[The last time we fucked was months ago. It was my birthday, and She unexpectedly came to bed in the infamous red torsolette and (even more unexpectedly) the matching thong. We had moderately good sex. Happy birthday me! Or is there something slightly depressing about not getting laid for months, and then getting a shag on your birthday? A bit like misplaced sympathy? Oh well. Whatever …]

Her hand found it’s way to my thigh and started to stroke.

As you know, Loyal Reader, I also resolved to give up hope of a sex life months ago.

My cock was as turgid as it always is when I wake, and as She started to stroke my thigh it twitched with far more enthusiasm than I could muster.
I feigned sleep.
She persisted.
I acquiesced.
I faked a waking shudder and put my arm round Her.
She reached straight for my balls and toyed with them.
I reached for Her tit and toyed with it’s nipple.
She ground Her mound against my thigh.
I reached my other hand for Her thigh and She moved, giving me access to Her snatch.
I cupped it gently, and carefully ran my fingers along Her slit.
She pushed down against my hand.
Then she flinched and pulled her twat away from me. I’d done nothing different – I hadn’t thrust four fingers into Her hole, I hadn’t pinched Her clit, I hadn’t tugged Her lips apart. But I’d got exactly what I expected.
I moved my hand away and gave up.
She got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

On Her return, She snuggled up and again reached for my dick. But as I’m sure you can guess, I wasn’t really interested any more. However She was on a mission, and massaged my member back to an insertable state. So as not to be rude, I reciprocated, though in a pretty half hearted manner, stoking Her back (which she likes) but staying well clear of conventional erogenous zones (which is like riding a pogo stick in a minefield).


Unbidden, She climbed on top of me and sank Herself down onto my tool. Well, I say sank, but considering She hadn’t let me get Her wet, it was more a case of Her forcing herself down onto my tool. Somehow Her flesh yeilded and enveloped my shaft.
[I’d like to say this is unusual but it’s not. Why She has such an aversion to Her cunt being properly lubricated before bearing down on my cock is beyond me. It can’t be comfortable for Her and it’s not particularly comfortable for me.]
She started to ride me, and I let Her.
She fucked Herself briefly, and I let Her
She paused, observed that my heart wasn’t really in it, for which I appologised, and She dismounted.
The alarm interupted, and spared us a messy conversation.


About half an hour before the alarm clock was due to spoil the morning, we were both awake, and my cock was as turgid and twitchy as it always is at that time of day.

I felt a little guilty about my apathetic response to my Wife’s lust the previous day and for reasons I cannot explain (even to myself) I put my hand on Her thigh. I stroked cautiously and She snuggled up. Obviously I wasn’t going to make the mistake I had made on Tuesday and sadly resolved to keep my hands well clear of Her snatch and tits.
She ground Her mound against my thigh while I stroked Her back.

Pretty quickly She climbed aboard and pushed Her barely damp pussy down onto my member. This time I pushed back, forcing my shaft as deep into Her tight twat as I could. And this time I started to fuck Her.
It was as much for my own benefit as Hers.

Getting fucked properly was evidently far more to Her taste than riding an unresponsive concubine, and whilst one of Her hands toyed with my balls, the other rubbed my nipple. Rightly or wrongly, with all the women I’ve slept with, I’ve generally felt that it’s often useful to take your cues from the person you’re fucking, so I reached for my Wife’s tit.


Initially this seemed to have been the right thing to do, but inevitably after only a few moments of mammary massage, she flinched and pulled away.

But not to be deterred, I kept fucking.
And She kept playing with my balls. Briefly I almost thought She was going to reach for my arsehole, and I ground into Her harder. Sadly She didn’t take the cue and Her fingers moved back to my nuts.
And then She tweaked one.
Unintentionally, but enough to stop me mid thrust.

She apologised, but my cock wasn’t listening, and shrunk, retreating out of Her hole.

It was an accident. These things happen. It really wasn’t a problem.
We snuggled up and I encouraged Her onto Her side so I could spoon up behind Her. It was my intention to see if She’d let me wank Her to orgasm, but She wasn’t keen.
Her: I’m not going to get there today. But I’m glad you started it.
Me: I’m glad you didn’t stop it.
Her: Well I can’t really complain about us not having sex if I do.
Me: That’s not really what I meant.
She made no reply.
What I did mean was that I was glad She hadn’t stopped me mid grope, but then again I hadn’t been exactly adventurous with my groping.
And then the alarm interrupted, and spared me elaborating.

Later that day, my left testicle still aching (partly from the tweak, but also I suspect partly form not being drained), and feeling both extremely horny and surprisingly motivated towards reinvigorating our sex life, I booked an appointment to get my bits waxed. Bald sex is so much better!


Luckily I managed to get an appointment the next morning, and now my cock, balls, stomach and arse crack are hairless. I can’t wait to fell my Wife stroking my smooth skin, and enjoy the unfettered sensation of sliding into Her hairy muff. (Oh the irony!)

2 Responses to “Twice the detail”

  1. What a busy couple of days, AM! Your tumbles with your wife are so… I dunno. They make me feel for you, that’s for sure.

    Good luck on your new sex goal! 2x a week would be great!!

    • Thanks Hy.
      I’ve been thinking about the [i]twice a week[/i]. We have managed that occasionally, in the past; what I think we need to aim for is 104 times in 52 weeks. (To be honest I’d be overjoyed with 75, but don’t tell anyone – best to aim high.)

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