DLS #14 : Top and tail

My Wife is away on business over night and the significance of this has changed a little in the last week or so. Usually when work has kept Her out of our bed, for me it has been a chance to have more sex than usual … albeit with myself. As we kissed and hugged our goodbyes this morning (in itself a significant change for our habits) She said …
Her: I’ll miss you tonight. I gratuitously fondled Her arse and although She didn’t reciprocate, She didn’t complain either!

I contemplated suggesting phone sex. I still might.
But then again I may not be that brave yet. We may not be that brave yet.

But that is not what this post is about.

Usually when work has kept Her out of our bed, for me it has been an opportunity to fuck my Fleshlight, or Monkey Spanker, of wear ball stretchers or my CB6000s over night, all with impunity. But this time, I might not even toss myself off; after all, my Wife has been attending to my dick on a regular basis for more than a week now.

No. Today I’ve opted for something slightly different.
Today I’ve pulled some rubber from my little wooden chest of naughty secrets.

Most often when I get rubbered up, I opt for my rubber thong or chap shorts – they’re an easy option as they’re easily hidden. But as they’ve lain neglected for too long, last night I secreted my red rubber cycling shorts into the bathroom, and this morning, when I went for a pee, I reclaimed them from their hiding place and slipped them on under my jeans before breakfast.

And I was wearing them as my Wife and I kissed and hugged our goodbyes this morning.

Having done the school run, I felt even more frisky. Not only had I had the pleasure of the cold of the morning air penetrating my jeans and skin tight shorts, I’d also had the pleasure of following one of the hotter school-mums up the road: she was wearing knee high lace up boots, and close fitting leggings – quite plainly she was either wearing a thong / g-string or going commando, and her arse looked deliciously fuckable.

When I got home, I was predictably horny and once again headed for my little wooden chest of naughty secrets. This time I pulled out my white rubber, short sleeved, zip front shirt. It is not in the best of conditions sadly – light coloured rubber stains quite easily and the shirt has a few pale marks, though thankfully mostly on the inside. And the last time I washed it I neglected to polish and talc it, so it had both lost it’s sheen and was quite noisy when I put it on.

The sound of covertly worn rubber clothing can be a bit of a give away to others. Since it is my intention to wear my rubber shorts and shirt all day, including on the afternoon school run (albeit under a high neck sweater), I also reached for the silicon polish and gave myself a good buff.

It’s so much easier to polish rubber clothing when it’s being worn, and so much more fun you’re with someone else hand have to polish each other. But that’s another story, Dear Reader, and whilst I may share that Dirty Little Secret with you, it’s probably best we keep it to ourselves.

Have a sexy day, y’all! I know I will.
[Note to self – really must have a productive working day too. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!]

One Response to “DLS #14 : Top and tail”

  1. Addendum
    Regrettably, my latex shirt is just too noisy. I think it’s going to have to come off when I do the school run. Not because other adults will hear it, but because the ears and curiosity of children will likely provoke questions will chill be hard to placate. Maybe it will go back on after I am the only one awake in the house … but I will be keeping the shorts on.

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