Wedding dresses

At the weekend we went to a big, posh wedding where the dress code specified black tie and ball dresses. The bride and groom wanted a bit of glamour, a bit of glitz. And boy, did they get it!

On such occasions I can’t help but be lecherous – well you would too, Dear Reader, because the low cut dresses always come out of the wardrobe, and it’s impossible to ignore all the cleavage on display. Especially when you’re sat at the rowdy table, and the woman sat across from you is particularly proud of her rack.

How proud?

There were a couple of wedding cameras for every table, along with the instructions to take as many photos as possible, and explicit instructions that anything was permissible. Being the table for reprobates (no elderly relatives to offend) there was instantly conversation about genital photos, and after the wine had flowed freely for a couple of hours, the buxom belle yanked down her strapless top for one of the other guests, who she’d plainly never met before, to photograph for the newly wed’s pleasure. She then got her husband to help her refasten the back of her dress.

With hindsight, I wish I’d had the presence of mind to smuggle one of the cameras off to the gents, stroke myself stiff, and take a photo of my neatly waxed cock. Well, it’s not something you see every day! As I mourned my failing in the cold light of day, it reminded me of fucking an ex in the toilets at a wedding years ago – had digital cameras been around then, I’m quite sure she would have been up for providing the happy couple with some penetrative porn … but that will remain just a fantasy I’m afraid.

A little while later, another guest, came over to our table for a chat. Obviously she was well known, and obviously there were going to be comments about her dress. And her tits.


The dress was very much like this, though possibly even lower cut, both front and back. However her tits were much nicer, and utterly impossible not to admire. There was much discussion about the use of tit tape – not a phrase I’d heard before, though I was aware of such products, and their usage – and it pleased me greatly to be surrounded by women talking about their tits. (I should add that my Wife did not join this conversation.) Sadly I didn’t get an opportunity to surreptitiously take photograph with my own camera, but whilst being brazened can get you a long way in some circumstances, asking a stranger if you take take some snaps of her norks can be a little risky, especially when you’re with your Wife!

But my favourite dress at the event, one which I found completely transfixing, was the laced corset dress. Hmmmmmmm ….

If only my Wife would wear something like that. I could have some fun!

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