I’m going to have a wank as soon as I’ve finished typing this.
Why? I hear you ask, Dear Reader.
Aside from the obvious reasons, I have a very good one.

I have a large and important job for a large and important client. I do this sort of work more often than I like because it pays the bills and is not exactly taxing.

But this is a large and important job. Larger and more important than usual.
So I must pay more attention than usual.
I must do a better job than usual.
I must concentrate more than usual.
I cannot afford to be distracted in the way I so often am. Thinking of cock and cunt and cum, when I should be concentrating on earning a living.

I’ve already done an hour’s work before anyone else in the house has stirred. And now, as they have their breakfast, I shall have my shower. And as I enjoy the hot water, and my own soapy hands caressing my own body, I shall have a wank. I shall sate the imaginary whores that taunt my mind with salacious temptations.

I shall have a want so that I am not distracted today.

5 Responses to “Preemptive”

  1. Like you have any other choice! You should have 2! It’s too important to risk any stray thought energy.

  2. Sounds like the perfect excuse to me. And the heightened blood flow is excellent for increased productivity.

  3. I too have decided to wank as required, for my mental health. I’m calling it ‘November’

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