I don’t have time to relate the following in any detail so please excuse the brevity.

We fucked.

OK. I’ll not be that brief. But forgive me if this is incomplete and I refrain from too much commentary.

We fucked this morning.
She came.
I wasn’t going to. Not after having a wank twice yesterday.

Her: I nearly didn’t start that – I thought my shoulder would get in the way.
Me: Your shoulder doesn’t need to get in the way.
(I wasn’t having a go at Her – I just wanted to say there are plenty things we can do, positions we can try where She could just lie back and enjoy.)
Her: I was just saying that I’m chose not to let it get in the way. I nearly did.
(I knew what She was trying to say – there are lots of reasons not to try.)

Her: Are we going to get you there?
Me: Not today. I probably need a couple of days notice.

A conversational pause whilst I continue to thrust into Her, reacting to Her involuntary cues, and She enjoyed another surge in Her orgasm.
Her: Sorry – I was distracted for a minute.
Me: Distracted is good.

Her: I think, for me, you can stop if you want. Or you can keep going if it’s good.

Me: That was good.
(Just to clarify, whilst it was good, I didn’t cum.)

Post coital snuggle.
Me: I like fucking you.
Her: I’d like to do the same for you more often.
(She means She’d like to make me cum as often as I make Her cum.)
Me: The equation’s not difficult.
Her: OK.

2 Responses to “Equation”

  1. The end of that conversation sounds filled with hope – for both of you 🙂

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