You’re really not helping

As you know, Loyal Reader, I have a lot of work on right now. Hence my preemptive wank the other day. But in the light of my Wife’s desire to “do the same for me more oftenI am holding back. Not that it is easy.

When I allowed myself the coffee break which sees me typing this epistle, I first detoured via my perving- specific Hotmail account, only to find a suggestion from one of my filthy followers (in response to Wedding Dresses) that She might send me a picture of herself bestockinged and bent over in a corset. Now how, I ask you, am I supposed to concentrate on work, and try to save the contents of my balls for my Wife, when faced with such suggestions?

16 Responses to “You’re really not helping”

  1. that’s funny. She was just trying to help. You better stay away from the blog until your work is complete. Good Luck!

  2. Doesn’t it squeak when you move?
    I agree with Jayne, perhaps your reader was just trying to help

    • It can do, but it depends what sort of garment it is, how tightly it fits, and what you’re wearing on top of it. There’s also a process called chlorination that is supposed to remove some of the smell (whether or not you want that is another matter), make it quieter, and obviate the need for regular polishing.

      As for my other reader, I’m still hopeful she’ll send me something obscene. If she doesn’t, and Jayne seems unwilling, perhaps you’d like to oblige?

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