[Please bear in mind that this post was mostly written a couple of weeks ago. If it reads in a negative way, as a complaint, a grumble, that is not necessarily where my head is just now. But the reasoning stands, without mitigation.]

In the time my I’ve been with my Wife, regrettably, I’ve rarely feel sexually wanted by Her. That’s not meant to be self pitying, after all I’ve had more than a decade to get used to the situation; it is merely an observation. And that’s not to say I think She never wants to have sex with me – it does happen, and She’s more than happy for me to soak Her mind in happy hormones when She’s sufficiently motivated to let me give Her Her orgasm.

But when foreplay starts, it’s rare that I feel She wants me to fuck Her for Her pleasure.

This is especially evident on the occasions when She just tosses me off, without wanting to fuck or for me to masturbate Her. And as keen as She may be for me to empty my balls, I don’t really even get much impression that She is any more than indifferent towards the act of tossing me off.

I’m not like that.
I like fucking women, and I like it when they like me fucking them.
I love masturbating women, and I love it when they like me masturbating them.
I adore going down on women, and I adore it when they like me going down on them.
It’s rarely one sided – my pleasure or theirs. My pleasure comes not only from myself, but also from their pleasure.
Equally, when I’m getting fucked, wanked or sucked I like it far more if the woman fucking, wanking or sucking me likes doing so.

I don’t want to be serviced.

(Finances permitting) I could hire an escort to service me. I’ve searched the AdultWork website and can confirm there are various local women who would happily have me sit on their sofa, suck my dick till I shot my load in their face and then relieve me of £50 before ushering me out of their house. It wouldn’t take much to get serviced.


But that’s what I don’t want. That’s not what I (idealsitically) think a marriage should be.

I want to have sex with my Wife not only to satisfy my own base needs, but also because I want Her to want to have sex with me. I do not want Her to service me. I want Her to have some base needs that She wants satisfied too.

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