Lock and load

You know how I like to torture myself with advertising from the likes of Agent Provocateur, don’t you Dear Reader? Well they sent me news of something rather tantalizing in their last email.

Initially I looked at the picture they sent out and my thought process went something like this:


Hmmmm, that’s quite nice.
Classic. Stylish.
Personally I like a little more meat on women, and a little more colour in their skin.
That’s interesting – a suspender belt that does up at the front.
Oooo, I like that – it goes with a front loading bra. It’s a long time since I’ve got to play with one of those.
Hang on …. If that’s a front loading bra, and a front fastening suspender belt … those knickers …?

I headed straight to the respective page on AP’s website to double check.

And oh how delicious!
Not only do the bra and suspender belt do up at the front with hook and eye fasteners, so do the knickers. In fact, as far as I can tell, it’s not just at the front! The fasteners go all the way from front to back!


Oh my that’s sexy!

Pity my Wife really can’t seem to make up Her mind whether She likes wearing lingerie I’ve bought for Her or not, Nor the effect saucy underwear has on my lust for Her. Because if I thought for a moment that She’d wear these I’d be placing an order quicker than you can type those-are-going-to-have-to-go-in-the-wash-very-soon-because-I’m-about-to-shoot-my-load-all-over-you.

5 Responses to “Lock and load”

  1. You have beautiful taste in lingerie AM. and you know what’s cool about those underwear is – you can wear them under the garter belt and they can still come off without taking the garter belt off. I guess it never occurred to me to NOT wear underwear. duh. When you see the whole thing, the underwear are part of the set but normally, they’re “caught” under the belt and all. You could rip them …anyway – too much thought – bye…

    • I like your thinking, on both methods of de-knickering, but I always thought the practical (and usual) way to wear sussies was to put your panties on last. No?

    • That is the efficient way if you want to keep the other things on while enjoying your man but personally, the straps move with your stride ( lets say you wear them out – not just into the room where the guy is ) and so the straps move the underwear away. It feels weird – tests the reason crotchless underwear were invented. ( thats how I reason it anyway but I’ve never worn those. You see AM, thats why I thought those underwear were perfect in their design.

    • So crotchless panties with stockings and suspenders? I’m not sure how that would work. Do you have any selfies of such an outfit?

    • nope – it’s either underwear or no underwear buddy. These days – underwear.

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