Clever dick

For those who don’t know, in the UK there is a wonderful TV show called QI. It’s a panel show and QI stands for Quite Interesting, as it centres around quite interesting, but largely useless trivia. It is chaired by Stephen Fry who, with the assistance of numerous comedians, frequently descend into bawdiness and innuendo.

As the questions posed cover virtually every topic imaginable, every once in a while subjects of a sexual nature crop up. My favourite recent was this …

A single sperm contains the equivalent of 35.7 Mb of data.
Which means the average ejaculation contains the equivalent of 15,875 Gb of data.

In 10cc – Yes, the band, I estimated I had ejaculated about 9500 times which (assuming my ejaculations are of average quantity, and I have discussed this in the aforementioned post) I have shot my load to the tune of more than 150 Pb
(Pb = Peta Byte = one million terabytes = one million million megabytes)
According to Wikipedia, that’s about 10 times more data than is generated by the LHC each year. And I can only draw one conclusion from that – I’ve got a very clever dick.

5 Responses to “Clever dick”

  1. Wow, didn’t know our cum can store so much data !

  2. Dear A.M.,
    Thank you for giving me a different perspective. In all the years as a medical professional, and even working in the area of infertility, I never once thought or viewed semen as “data”. Absolutely Brilliant!
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

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