Analyse this!

A random web goodie for you today, Dear Bored Perverts, in the form of a website that provides a mathematical analysis of your Penis, Tits, Vagina or Anus, and then displays it on a graph. You can even compare your respective body parts with friends or colleagues.

Obviously it’s utter bollocks, scientifically, as the analysis is based on your name, but it’s a bit of a laugh for a Friday.

Unfortunately, Accidental Masturbator is too long a name to fit in the input field, and quite frankly, the plot based on my nom de plume (green) looks nothing like my cock.
Even the plot based on my actual name (purple) has too much curve, the glans isn’t pointed enough, and the shaft isn’t nearly as erect as it should be. (And of course I redacted my name!)
The orange plot, is most like my actual penis.

I think the thing taht actually irks me just a little is the suggestion that my dick has an ability rating of only 23%. I have no idea what that means, but I do find it just a little disappointing.


Anyway, have a go yourself and post pics of your cock, tits, cunt or arsehole (though unless you’re happy for the world to know your name, or are handy with Photoshop, I’d advise using your blog name!)

10 Responses to “Analyse this!”

  1. Oh! Never mind, don’t really care to analyze my little brother down there !

  2. Dear A.M.,
    Indeed it’s purely for entertainment purposes. Interesting the data is based on your name. I can’t remember the last time I measure my vagina, it was good for a laugh. I did place my 3 sons names in and laughed my ass off. My one son’s name gave a penis length of 249mm = 9.08, the other gave an indication of being gay in ( ) and the last indicated a young boy. I really appreciate the laugh.
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

  3. An interesting website…. Thanks for that share!

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