Dress to impress

As we approach the festive season, and we rack out brains for gifts to bestow upon our loved (and lusted) ones, here’s a suggestion. (Though if your mother-in-law will be joining you for Xmas lunch, you might not want your other half unwrapping it in public.)WPrtm

Personally, I’d be over the moon, for so many reasons, if I this was stuffed into my Xmas stocking! (Or my Wife decided to wear it with Her Xmas stockings.)

7 Responses to “Dress to impress”

  1. I’d like to wear this, assuming I was actually someone’s reason to masturbate. How heart warming.


  2. Well, like the other Dawn, I’d very much like to have a reason to wear it… But hey, the day will come!
    (and I’d love to see the face on my Mother in Law if I were to open it in front of her. Of course, she doesn’t read English, and I might never see her again, but it could have been fun!).

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