The French connection

Prostitution is in the news today, and as on pretty much every other occasion, there is debate really about the morals of society. In France there are proposals to criminalise paying for sex.

There are good reasons to do this, and there are good reasons not to do it, but in my opinion, the flags these reasons get pinned to are mostly waved with ulterior political agenda, and do not look at the issues objectively. I’m not going to trail through the pros and cons – I don’t have time right now – but I will say that, whilst I have never exchanged cash for sex, I am not opposed to its sale.

I do not regard the selling of sex as a bad thing.
I do not regard the buying of sex as a bad thing.
What is rotten and fetid is the culture that surrounds prostitution and, more fundamentally, societies attitude to sex. If we can get over the indoctrination that a most natural and entirely necessary part of life is shameful, undesirable, corrupt, then maybe we can start to have a rational discussion about the issue.

Anyway, here is a BBC News report on the French proposals. It makes for interesting reading.

2 Responses to “The French connection”

  1. Dear A.M.,
    I completely Agree with you. For us here in the States only Nevada and to the best of my knowledge, its within a certain county one can practice prostitution legally.
    If I choose to sell my body for sex, or if I want to buy sex, I should have that right. Who made the decision that this act is illegal? (rhetorical)
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

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