Animated Friday

For those who don’t know, on Twitter there is a thing called #FF, or Follow Friday. It’s basically where you can pimp other people’s twatterings. Well, it’s Friday, and although I’m pretty sure I’ve pimped Erotixx’s blog before, I’m going to do it again. I particularly like all the shiny rubbery pictures that are linked to on the Fetish page, but the images that caught my eye today were on a page I’ve not visited before – Animated gifs. And these three I think are particularly delicioius.

First up, in honour of Hyacinth’s Boobdays – and because I don’t have boobs of my own.
Also because I’m usually a fan of small to medium sized tits, but this just makes me grin and grin and grin.


Next up, I do like a little iRreverence … as well as watching people getting jiggy. (This has put an idea in my head for a future post!)


And finally, because I think Kate Beckinsale is rather lovely, especially when she’s rubbered up ….


Anyway, when you’ve finished pleasuring yourself over these pics, pop over to see what other visual delights Erotixx’s has on offer.

13 Responses to “Animated Friday”

  1. Oh my goodness, that first gif is gorgeous.

  2. Dearest A.M.,
    Aahhh what a Fantastic pair of Tits, I dig the getting “jiggy” gif.
    I would love an evening with Kate Beckinsale.
    I like your taste and the way you think A.M. Hope you had a Yummy Tanksgiving
    Your Friend,

  3. Of course I have to like this post, I’m humbled by the post and as for Kate Beckinsale. .. hubba hubba πŸ™‚

  4. That .gif is gooood. Unfortunately the whole #ff thing is a bit of a pointless affair. I always think, “why should I follow these people? Don’t just show me an @ handle- give me a reason.”

  5. I want that rubber catsuit and a body to match πŸ™‚

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