Today I passed a run-of-the-mill women’s-wear shop with a poster in the window for Kinky Knickers. Well of course it caught my attention, Dear Reader. It turns out Kinky Knickers is a brand of women’s underwear, the marketing of which has been spearheaded (hmmm … now there’s a pun opportunity) by Mary Portas in a TV show imaginatively titled Mary’s Bottom Line.

WPkk Whilst I love to see more sexy underwear being openly promoted on the high street, I do have to take issue with the branding, for these are some of the panties on offer … WPkk2 And I’m afraid they don’t get any kinkier than that. You can be absolutely certain that I looked for something kinkier. So … Dear Ms Portas. please note, those are most definitely not kinky knickers. These are kinkiy knickers …


2 Responses to “Misrepresentation”

  1. Absolutely AM, these are definitely not kinky knickers, even M&S sell them.
    I’m sure between us we could find lots of images of kinkier knickers. My current favourites are these (but not at £114)


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