More neighbors

When I mused on the bedroom antics of our neighbors, I didn’t mention the couple who live further up the road. Mandy and Kurt are not

short of cash and obviously like spending it. Kurt is the rugged sporting type, probably spends his time swathed in obscenely expensive business deals, and doubtless plays as hard as he works. Mandy, although not stunningly attractive, knows exactly how to make the most of what she’s got, and if she’s not showing off her figure with skin tight jeans and low cut t-shirts, she’ll be wearing a dress that looks expensive.

I have little doubt that they have an enthusiastic cave-man sex life.


Kurt plays the big neanderthal brute, pounding his mate as he twists and turns her body in what ever direction pleases him. While Mandy plays the willing porn star, begging for more, telling him how his massive cock is almost going to split her cunt if he fucks her any harder … but she wants it harder, and revels in being his sex toy.

Except …
This week it has been Kurt, not Mandy, who has been walking their kid to school. I inquired why, was Mandy ill? and I learned that she is laid up with a back back. A trapped nerve or some such, meriting MRI scans.

I’ve been there, so she has my sympathy, but I do wonder just how she injured her back. Don’t you, Dear Reader?

One Response to “More neighbors”

  1. Seems a perfect time to try whatever is needed to get her smiling again ❕

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