Winter wonders

It’s cold.
Well, of course it is! It’s winter!

For men eager to impress with the size of their genitals, this is not good news, as cocks and balls across the land retreat towards warmer abdomens.  But for women, at least, there is a benefit: as temperatures drop, skin tightens up and breasts become more pert. Lovely. Obviously the downside is nipples stiff enough you could use them as coat hooks, but fear not … help is at hand (and I don’t mean I’m volunteering to warm your tits with my hands – they’re not too warm either) …


7 Responses to “Winter wonders”

  1. Glad I live in the southern US…no need for anything like THOSE…and even if the weather was colder here, I think I’d rather have cold, hard nipples than nipple cozies or whatever they are! 🙂

  2. No, that look is just plain weird…

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