Hot couture

Most of us know someone who knows far too much about us, and often about whom we know far too much. For me, Dear Reader, that’s obviously you. But there’s also Ginger. Before you ask, as much as I could make very great use of a fuck buddy’s orifices, none of Ginger’s will ever be stuffed full of my cock. (And yes, she apparently does like all of them stuffed full of cock. But now you too know too much about Ginger. Oops!) Anyway …

I was extolling the virtues of rubberwear to Ginger last week when she asked what latex outfit I would get made if money were no object.

In the last decade, I’ve not had the opportunity to share my love of rubber, nor any of the skin tight and shiny items in My Little Wooden Chest of Naughty Secrets so there’s never been much point in giving the matter much consideration before. But Ginger got me thinking, and doodling, and this is what I came up with …


(In case you were wondering, the modesty pouch is removable, just like with my purple rubber chap shorts.)

If money were no object. My guess is this would cost about Β£500 to get made.

If money were no object … hmmm. [AM thinks to himself …]
But wait!I have more than 150 registered followers, and my blog gets more than 50 visitors most days. How about I put this out for some crowd funding? Β£10 a head? (That’s roughly 16USD, or 17CaD, or 18AuD, or 720PHP, or 12EUR …) What do you reckon boys and girls? Wanna see me dressed in this?

18 Responses to “Hot couture”

  1. I was trying to use the same train of thought to fund an IPhone to promote my sexual fulfillment and a continual flow of white wine as well but so far, no one has sent me a dime. (fuckers!)


  2. Dearest A.M.,
    OMG Your Design is F&$#@ Brilliant. I Love it and would love to see You in it : ). Just out of curiosity, how would you go about constructing this Awesome outfit? Just wanted to pass along a site I follow. Master & Princess are into Latex & Rubber perhaps they maybe able to guide you as to where you might be able to purchase a goodie for yourself that is similar within you financial budget. Here’s there link:
    Your Friend,

  3. I really like your design. I mean I probably wouldn’t wear it (I don’t think I’d like to wear latex really), but if it’s your thing, then I hope you get to enjoy it!
    I was thinking that one way to find the funds (and get the suit to be made) would be to sell the design to a company that normally makes such things. By selling one (or maybe it would take more than one of your designs), you might be able to raise the funds, and find a nice job you could enjoy at the same time, I mean a job that could easily enough be worked into the day of a full time father (I mean : sooner than later that kid of yours will go to school, right?). I know to well that the kind of job you do right now requires very flexible hours… but designing could probably be worked into the work day, couldn’t it? It might not even need to be full time, but could enable you to get enough money to actually be able to afford this thing!
    Not to mention a job you actually might enjoy doing too…

    Well, as for the financial participation, sorry to say that, were I to have this money available (or feel like it was), you know I’d probably buy a toy for myself first πŸ˜‰

  4. In the process of writing about that whole sex toy subject. But the words have a hard time flowing..

    Also, I thought you said purple was your favorite color, not yellow and green πŸ˜‰

  5. Great. . . Please make sure you send pictures of it when you get it❗

  6. bulldogbrown Says:

    Like the drawings. Good concepts and I think they’d sell well.

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