I wish I spoke more French

Sometimes I have no idea quite how I acquire followers. Equally, I have recently come to realise that somehow I have ceased to follower quite a few blogs I used to enjoy regularly. I am slowly working to rectify this, and trawling through my own list of followers, today I found Jean d’Arc. Her/his blog is in French, so sadly I have little idea what it’s about: I suspect she/he is an artist, for there are some off beat videos, left field sculptures, and some exquisite photos, both in terms of photographic talent, and some deliciously sexual imagery.

This was the first that caught my eye. It possibly says something about my own situation, that I want to be desired, lusted after, and yet seem to be met with indifference to sex.


In a similar vein, I love how she is getting on with work (or what ever it may be) whilst he is ministering to her cunt. The normality of it all.


And then looking though more photos, I found this, which  is just fantastic. The act without the act. Connection, without the connection. Intent.


But this is possibly my favourite. Possibly the least sexual, but also possibly the most. It certainly appeals to my inner shoe fetishist. And maybe it even plays on my inner D/s tastes. (Not that I give those much attention.) Those boots are just devine, and the reverential compliance of the court shoes makes me smile so much.


Go check out some more, and I look forward to those of who speak French telling me what the rest of the blog is like.

9 Responses to “I wish I spoke more French”

  1. I read this and realized, he is the only blogger that I have really met in person. W had a drink together once and I think we would be great friends if we lived closer together. He is my French Blog Friend and I really like him too. Oddly, as very few French people (in my circles anyway) speak English, I often have more views from here than from America. Always more than England. Bizarre, non? I think that Jean d’Arc has something to do with that because he pumps (pimps?) my blog on his sometimes. I don’t return the favor because I know even less English speakers that speak French. We did an epistolary deal once which was kind of fun…I would post a link if I had more computer skills…

    Bises AM,

  2. I’m sure between us two Dawns, we could up your French skills… I mean, that’s at least one thing we can up easily…

  3. Dear A.M.,
    Thank you for sharing Jean d’Arc’s link and pics they are Stunning. Heading over to their site.
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

  4. Of course oral, so much more enjoyable 😉

  5. Thanks to all for sharing and your words…
    Kiss from Paris – JEAN D’ARC !

  6. Anymay, there is one of my texts in English which dawn was kind enough to help me to translate… Here it is :

    Whore’s Words

    You know,
    You should really stop
    Opening your dirty mouth
    To announce
    Such acts,
    Such actions,
    Such intentions,
    Your false caring.

    Don’t make appointments,
    Stop making plans,
    Promise nothing,
    MOUTH !
    Shut up.

    Extend your arms,
    Open your hands,
    Pick up objects
    And use them,
    Put one foot in front of the other, walk, move, run,

    I’m not interrested in what you are going to do,
    What you are planning on,
    What you should do…
    Don’t say anything.

    Say NOTHING to ME !

    Your time is up.
    Shut up.
    Really, SHUT THE FUCK UP
    And accomplish all the things you are always spouting off about.

    Go ahead
    I shut up…

    Like the rest of you.


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