A debauched Xmas tale

The following is a story discretely related to me by an old school friend some years ago.

It was the night of the office Xmas party, and inevitably various members of staff missed their trains home. Frank, was one of these, as was his PA, and as Josh had a flat in an exclusive development in the heart of the city, he offered to put them both up. There was only one bedroom, but we were all young back then, and it wasn’t uncommon for a friends to spend the night on Josh’s capacious sofa.Β  It was agreed that Frank and his PA (I’m afraid I never learned her name) would make themselves comfortable with blankets, cushions and the floor, and considering Frank was married, Josh thought no more, and staggered off to his bed.

In the morning, Josh got up to make breakfast for his guests. His route to the kitchen was though the living room, where he found his guests naked, except for Santa Hats, on the sofa together, and Frank’s cock deep in his PA’s mouth.

On being interrupted, the PA looked up at Josh, smiled, and invited him to join in.

It seemed rude to decline, and as soon as he had a boner, they all enjoyed a spit roast a spit-roast.


Sadly I have few more details than this, but I gather that all parties were ultimately satisfied, and later went out for a very civil brunch.

15 Responses to “A debauched Xmas tale”

  1. Yet another amusing image! (Though the 1st one is still my fave) πŸ˜‰ merry christmas!

  2. Ugh, I want to go to a Christmas party and miss a train! πŸ™‚

    • I’d quite like a PA like that.

    • Yes, I knew what kind of image I might conjure, although to be fair there was absolutely no wetness on my fingers as I was typing… just going at it too fast. But yes, you’re right, I’d very much like a spit roast (though that’s the first time I read the term; now you understand why the word search might be a bit difficult for me!).
      Why do I feel your second comment as angry? I hope that’s not the way you meant it to be, because I wouldn’t want to anger you. If I did, I apologise.

      As for the Santa hat, I thought as much too, but I like the balance in the image you created… so I’m glad you took some artistic license there.

  3. And though I’m not sure I’d really like to be a PA, this is a part of the job I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy πŸ˜‰

  4. Or rather, I’m sure I’d enjoyed it if it wasn’t part of the job…

  5. Also, lucky that Josh had a Santa hat on hand, the picture wouldn’t look quite as nice if he wasn’t wearing one.

  6. I’ve just typed a response, and it seems to have disappeared into virtual space. 😦

    I was saying I understood, as I was typing my comment, what kind of image slippery fingers might conjure up. But I can assure you, my fingers, though slippery, were very dry when I was typing. I’ve had a few accidents earlier today, and other things calling now (and though reading your blog seems to take me away from them, it is done gladly)…
    In your second comment, you seem angry… I hope it’s just me misreading you. Because if you were angry at me, I apologise. I don’t know what I might have done to upset you. If I did, I’m really sorry.

    As for the Santa hat, I’m glad you did use artistic license. It makes for a more balanced picture, which I really enjoyed.

  7. (The “We get it.” Seemed very abrupt, I wasn’t sure if you were upset or not. Glad to know it’s not the case…).

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