How it will be

If you were reading my blog around New Year’s Eve 2011 and New Year’s Eve 2012, you’ll probably have read the hot, sticky details of how I enjoyed the moist delights of my Wife’s cunt and how She (I think) enjoyed a good pounding from my cock. Not only that, but how the infamous red torsolette actually got worn … and enjoyed.

After the debacle of the blue underwear I bought my Wife for Xmas last year, I have not been remotely so ambitious this year, and have bought her entirely asexual gifts. There will be no new lace for her to adorn herself with this year. But, I am prepared to make a sexual prediction:

For the first time since becoming parents, we have a babysitter for NYE. We will be going out for the evening. And as we will be socialising with friends there is even a chance that my Wife may have more than a glass and a half of wine. She may get a little drunk. And I’m prepared to wager that, in a slightly drunken state, Her inhibitions will take a back seat and Her sexually repressed cloak will be discarded in favour of the red underwear.


As we are going out for the evening, and as I have to leave the house for work at 7:30am on New Year’s Day (sulk) I suspect the torsolette will not make a showing, nor will the stockings and suspenders, (I’m guessing they would be too much effort / not as practical / too great a need for sleep to indulge in hours of rampant sex)  so my money is on the bra and panties or (if I’m particularly lucky … well, it is NYE!) the G-string.

I’m also confident that She will not tell me in advance (my licentious anticipation will not be encouraged) but when we get home, She will want want me to enjoy the underwear, and then to fuck Her.

This soothsaying may be a cynical on my part, expecting predictability on my Wife’s part, with mitigated enthusiasm, but rest assured, Dear Reader, I’ll let you know if any moulds are broke.

2 Responses to “How it will be”

  1. Only read this now… Am keeping my fingers crossed that you get more than a glimpse of some sort of sexy lingerie tomorrow night…
    One day, when I have more time, I’ll have to go back and read all those nice posts of yours… XO

    • Sad to say, that whilst I think She will wear something red tonight, even inspire of difficult sex and more difficult conversation yesterday, if she does, there will be more talk and in a similar vein.

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